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Lynton Crosby: 1998 Election Analysis

Lynton Crosby has addressed the National Press Club on the outcome of the 1998 federal election.

Crosby is the Federal Director of the Liberal Party.

Transcript of Lynton Crosby’s Address to the National Press Club.

Lynton Crosby, Federal Director of the Liberal PartyIn preparation for this address I took the time to read the remarks of my predecessor when he addressed the National Press Club following the 1993 Federal Election where Fightback and the GST were the focus.

In his speech he spoke of the many advertising experts who contacted him to proffer the "one and only" solution to "better sell or explain the GST". Well I’ve got news for my predecessor, they’re still around. And to the literally dozens, if not hundreds, of advertising and marketing experts who rang and wrote with their great idea thanks for your thoughts. To the jingle writers, thanks but it was just too hard to choose. To the budding copywriters who managed to come up with a multitude of phrases all built around the letters GST thanks for those ideas too! [Read more…]

Kernot Heading For Victory in Dickson

A recount of votes in the Queensland electorate of Dickson yesterday put Labor’s Cheryl Kernot over 100 votes ahead. One packet of votes from the original count was found to have been given incorrectly to the Liberal candidate.

Barring discovery of further mistakes in the count, it now appears certain that Kernot will take the seat. Assuming the ALP takes the Tasmanian seat of Bass and the Liberals win Kalgoorlie, the state of the parties in the new House of Representatives will be:

Liberal 64
National 16
ALP 67
Ind 1
Total 148

Following the provision of a Speaker, the government will then have an absolute majority of 11 votes.

Howard Maintains Opposition to Republic

The Prime Minister, John Howard, last night made it clear that he would not be voting in favour of Australia becoming a republic at the referendum to be held in the second half of 1999.

He said he would be adopting a “withdrawn” stance during the campaign and lauded his party’s willingness to tolerate differences of opinion, citing the stand taken by his deputy, Peter Costello, in support of a republic. [Read more…]

Howard Signals Intention To Accept Colston’s Vote

John Howard yesterday indicated that the government has decided to abandon its previous policy of not accepting the vote of renegade Labor Senator Mal Colston.

The 'venal prick'Colston’s support is crucial if the government is to get its GST legislation through the Senate by the end of next June.

Colston defected from the Labor Party in 1996. He had been denied ALP nomination for Deputy President of the Senate. Following his resignation from the ALP, he was elected Deputy President with the support of the coalition parties. Later, he was forced to resign the position after allegations of irregularities in his travel expenses and other allowances.

The government at that stage had 37 senators, 2 short of the majority needed to pass legislation. Colston and Tasmanian independent Senator Brian Harradine were enough to give the government a Senate majority. This support was crucial on legislation such as the Wik amendments in July 1998. Similarly, Colston’s opposition to the sale of the remaining two-thirds of Telstra destroyed that piece of legislation. [Read more…]

Howard To Announce Ministerial Reshuffle on Sunday; ALP Caucus To Meet Next Week

Prime Minister John Howard will announce his second term ministry on Sunday.

John HowardYesterday, the Australian Electoral Commission advised the government that it could now declare that at least 75 seats have been won by the government and Howard accordingly declared the caretaker period of government over.

Coalition members will meet in Canberra this week ahead of Howard’s weekend announcement. The ALP Caucus will meet next week to elect its shadow ministry.

There is at least one vacancy in the ministry, given the retirement of the Defence Minister, Ian McLachlan. Some newspaper reports suggest that Peter Reith may be moved to this portfolio, whilst others predict a promotion for Senator Nick Minchin. [Read more…]