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Liberal Party Policies For The 1998 Federal Election

This is a set of Liberal Party policy documents released during the 1998 Federal Election.

The Liberal Party won government in 1996 after 13 years in opposition. Under Prime Minister John Howard, it went to the 1998 election with a tax reform package that included the introduction of a Goods and Services tax.

  1. First-term achievements
  2. Aborigines – Beyond Welfare
  3. Advancing Australia’s Trade Interest
  4. Arts – For Australia’s Sake
  5. A Small Business Agenda For The New Millennium
  6. A Stronger Northern Territory
  7. A Stronger Tasmania
  8. Communications – Making Australia Stronger
  9. Consumer Affairs – A Fair Deal
  10. CLERP – Corporate Law Economic Reform Program
  11. Defence – Building Combat Capability
  12. Drugs – Strengthening The Fight
  13. Environment – Our Living Heritage
  14. Expanding Medicare Access For Rural And Regional Australia
  15. Expansion of SBS
  16. Fisheries – Wealth From The Sea
  17. Foreign Affairs – Advancing Australia’s Interests
  18. Higher Education
  19. Immigration – Building On Integrity And Compassion
  20. Internet Access For Regional Australia
  21. Law And Justice
  22. Law Enforcement – A Safer And Stronger Australia
  23. Local Government – Sustaining Local Communities
  24. Making Industry Stronger
  25. Mobile Phone Highway Initiative
  26. More Support For Carers
  27. National Heritage Trust
  28. Older Australians
  29. Our Families, Our Strength, Our Future
  30. Our Indian Ocean Territories
  31. Our National Capital
  32. Our Pacific Territories
  33. Pathways To Employement
  34. Primary Industries – Primed For Growth
  35. Protecting The Sydney Harbour Foreshore
  36. Raising Standards In Schools
  37. Regional Australia – Investing In Our Future
  38. Resources – Minerals To Markets
  39. Rural And Regional Health – The Best Of Health
  40. Rural Transaction Centres
  41. Science – A Vision For Excellence
  42. Securing Our Information Future
  43. Settlement, Multicultural and Citizenship – Living In Harmony
  44. Skilling Australia For Jobs
  45. Sport – A Winning Advantage
  46. The Best Of Health
  47. Tourism – Australia Bound
  48. Transport – Driving Forward
  49. TV Reception Blackspots
  50. Veterans – Saluting Their Service
  51. Women – Opportunity And Choice
  52. Working For The Dole
  53. Workplace Relations – More Jobs, Better Pay
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