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Simon Crean’s New ALP Shadow Ministry

This is the new ALP shadow ministry as announced by the Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean.

  1. Albanese, Anthony – Member for Grayndler
    Shadow Minister for Employment Services and Training

  2. Bishop, Mark – Senator for Western Australia
    Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs

  3. Carr, Kim – Senator for Victoria
    Shadow Minister for Science and Research

  4. Conroy, Stephen – Senator for Victoria
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Finance, Small Business and Financial Services

  5. Cox, David – Member for Kingston
    Shadow Assistant Treasurer

  6. Ellis, Annette – Member for Canberra
    Shadow Minister for Ageing and Seniors
    Shadow Minister Assisting on Disabilities

  7. Emerson, Craig – Member for Rankin
    Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry and Trade

  8. Evans, Chris – Senator for Western Australia
    Shadow Minister for Defence

  9. Faulkner, John – Senator for New South Wales
    Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Home Affairs

  10. Ferguson, Laurie – Member for Reid
    Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

  11. Ferguson, Martin – Member for Batman
    Shadow Minister for Regional and Urban Development, Transport and Infrastructure

  12. Fitzgibbon, Joel – Member for Hunter
    Shadow Minister for Resources

  13. Gillard, Julia – Member for Lalor
    Shadow Minister for Population and Immigration

  14. Latham, Mark – Member for Werriwa
    Shadow Minister for Economic Ownership and Community Security
    Shadow Minister for Urban Development and Housing

  15. Lawrence, Carmen – Member for Fremantle
    Shadow Minister for Reconciliation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
    Shadow Minister for the Arts
    Shadow Minister for Status of Women

  16. Lundy, Kate – Senator for Australian Capital Territory
    Shadow Minister for Information Technology
    Shadow Minister for Sport

  17. Macklin, Jennifer (Jenny) – Member for Jagajaga
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Science

  18. McClelland, Robert – Member for Barton
    Shadow Attorney-General
    Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations

  19. McMullan, Bob – Member for Fraser
    Shadow Treasurer

  20. Melham, Daryl – Member for Banks
    Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs

  21. O’Brien, Kerry – Senator for Tasmania
    Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Resources
    Opposition Whip

  22. O’Connor, Gavan – Member for Corio
    Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government
    Shadow Minister for Tourism

  23. Roxon, Nicola – Member for Gellibrand
    Shadow Minister for Children and Youth

  24. Rudd, Kevin – Member for Griffith
    Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

  25. Sherry, Nick – Senator for Tasmania
    Shadow Minister for Retirement Incomes and Savings
    Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

  26. Smith, Stephen – Member for Perth
    Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing

  27. Swan, Wayne – Member for Lilley
    Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services
    Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives

  28. Tanner, Lindsay – Member for Melbourne
    Shadow Minister for Communications

  29. Thomson, Kelvin – Member for Wills
    Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage


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