Kevin Rudd Sworn In As Australia’s 26th Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia

10.00am – Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as Prime Minister by the Governor-General, Michael Jeffery, in a ceremony at Government House, in Canberra.

Rudd becomes the nation’s 26th prime minister and the head of the first Labor administration since 1996. He replaces the second-longest serving prime minister in the nation’s history, John Howard.

At the ceremony, the Governor-General asked Rudd for an assurance “that you have been elected leader of the party holding a majority in the House of Representatives, that you can form a government and that you will have the confidence of the House of Representatives.”

Rudd gave this assurance and on that basis the Governor-General accepted the resignation of John Howard, which had been tendered last Friday. Accepting Howard’s resignation also terminated the commissions of all the previous government’s ministers.

Rudd was first sworn as an Executive Councillor. He was then sworn in as prime minister, bringing an end to the Howard government after 11 years, 8 months and 22 days in office.

Julia Gillard has also been sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister, the highest executive position ever held by a woman in the Australian government.

The remainder of the ministry is now being sworn in.

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GOVERNOR GENERAL: Well, Mr Rudd, on Monday the 26th of November, I invited you to form a government and today we’re gathered to swear with those nominated by you as the leader of the governing party in the House of Representatives.

I must therefore formally ask you to give me your assurance that you have been elected leader of the party, holding majority of seats in the House of Representatives, that you can form a government and that you will have the confidence of the House of Representatives.

KEVIN RUDD: Your Excellency, I’m pleased to advise you that we have such a position and to provide you with that assurance.

GOVERNOR GENERAL: Thank you very much. In that case I’ll now accept the resignation of the Prime Minister, the Honourable John Howard, which has the effect of terminating all the appointments of the former government. Under the powers conferred on me by the Constitution I’m therefore pleased to swear you in as Australia’s 26th Prime Minister.

Before I do that, and again in accordance with the Constitution, I’m pleased to summon you as an executive councillor and ask you to take the oath as an executive councillor. Malcolm, thank you.

SPEAKER: Do you Kevin Michael Rudd being chosen and summoned by the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia to be a member of the Federal Executive Council, swear that you will, when required, advise the Governor General or the person for the time being administering the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia to the best of your judgement and consistently with the good government of the Commonwealth of Australia and that you will not disclose the confidential deliberations of the Council.

KEVIN RUDD: I do swear, so help me God.

GOVERNOR GENERAL: Congratulations. Now if we can get to the real key and I invite you to take and subscribe the oath of office as Prime Minister.

KEVIN RUDD: I, Kevin Michael Rudd, do swear that I will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia, her land and her people in the office of Prime Minister, so help me God.


Prime Minister I congratulate you most sincerely and I know you have the very, very best wishes of the nation as you undertake your very important challenge [indistinct]. Congratulations and well done.

KEVIN RUDD: Thank you very much your Excellency.

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  1. So many promises and so little action. What has he done since taking office? The world is dying from global warming and he just keeps on adopting all the populist policies. Even when they contradict each other. He says he’s for the environment but he hates nuclear energy.

    We have the biggest reserves of uranium in the world but he wants to keep on burning dirty fossil fuels or investigating pipe dreams like solar energy. Maybe somebody should point out to him that the sun is in fact a nuclear reactor and evidence that nuclear energy can be produced safely. Today’s generation of nuclear plants are completely safe but this nuclearphobe won’t even consider the cleanest greenest energy source available. Coal beds actually contain Uranium and other radioisotopes. They get burned up in the furnaces of all the worlds coal plants. Then pumped straight into our atmosphere. Along with a lot of choking smog particles. That’s why one in four kids now have asthma. Nuclear energy doesn’t create CO2 and all of the waste is contained. The amount is infinitesimal and largely recyclable. But what can you expect from a daydreamer who thinks he can ban nukes. As if George Bush or any other President would ever get rid of the nukes which give America its political clout. Wake up to yourself Rudd. Stop listening to that ex midnight oil singer who probably did too many drugs on his concert tours.

  2. I do not believe we have any use for nuclear energy and that geothermal is the key to saving us from the deceptive oil companies, their business and family ties.

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