Coalition Shadow Ministry From December 6, 2007

The new Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Brendan Nelson, has announced the coalition’s shadow ministry.

The team comprises a mix of former Howard government ministers and new faces.

This is the Shadow Ministry as announced by Dr. Brendan Nelson.

Shadow Cabinet

  1. Brendan Nelson – Leader of the Opposition
  2. Julie Bishop – Deputy Leader of the Opposition; Employment, Business and Workplace Relations
  3. Warren Truss – Leader of The Nationals; Infrastructure and Transport and Local Government
  4. Senator Nick Minchin – Leader of the Opposition in the Senate; Defence
  5. Senator Eric Abetz – Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate; Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
  6. Malcolm Turnbull – Treasury
  7. Joe Hockey – Health and Ageing; Leader of Opposition Business in the House
  8. Andrew Robb – Foreign Affairs
  9. Ian MacFarlane – Trade
  10. Tony Abbott – Families, Community Services, Indigenous Affairs and the Voluntary Sector
  11. Senator Nigel Scullion – Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  12. Senator Helen Coonan – Human Services
  13. Tony Smith – Education, Apprenticeships and Training
  14. Greg Hunt – Climate Change, Environment and Urban Water
  15. Peter Dutton – Finance, Competition Policy and Deregulation
  16. Senator Chris Ellison – Immigration and Citizenship; Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate
  17. Senator George Brandis – Attorney General
  18. Senator David Johnston – Resources and Energy, Tourism
  19. John Cobb – Regional Development, Water Security

Outer Shadow Ministry

  1. Chris Pyne – Justice, Border Protection and Assisting Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
  2. Senator Michael Ronaldson – Shadow Special Minister of State
  3. Steven Ciobo – Small Business, the Service Economy and Tourism
  4. Sharman Stone – Environment, Heritage, the Arts and Indigenous Affairs
  5. Michael Keenan – Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Superannuation and Corporate Governance
  6. Margaret May – Ageing
  7. Bob Baldwin – Defence Science, Personnel and Assisting Shadow Minister for Defence
  8. Luke Hartsuyker – Business Development, Independent Contractors and Consumer Affairs; Deputy Leader of Opposition Business in the House
  9. Bronwyn Bishop – Veterans’ Affairs
  10. Andrew Southcott – Employement Participation and Apprenticeships and Training
  11. Sussan Ley – Housing, Status of Women
  12. Pat Farmer – Youth and Sport

Shadow Parliamentary Secretaries

  1. Don Randall – Assisting the Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Cabinet Secretary
  2. Senator Ian Macdonald – Assisting the Leader of the Opposition, Northern Australia
  3. Senator Richard Colbeck – Health
  4. Senator Brett Mason – Education
  5. Peter Lindsay – Defence
  6. Barry Haase – Infrastructure, Roads and Transport
  7. John Forrest – Trade
  8. Louise Markus – Immigration and Citizenship
  9. Sophie Mirabella – Local Government
  10. Jo Gash – Tourism
  11. Mark Coultan – Ageing and the Voluntary Sector
  12. Senator Marise Payne – Foreign Affairs
  13. Senator Cory Bernardi – Families, Community Services


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