Tony Abbott’s Speech to the Coalition Party Room

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott made this address to the Coalition partyroom meeting in Parliament House this morning, ahead of the resumption of Parliament this afternoon.

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  1. Great captains address Mr Abbott, keep the pressure up and maintain the debate on the  evidence that has been proved in the court of public opinion.   
    Nauru is proven
    Temporary Protection Visas are proven
    Turn back the boats when safe to do so is proven
    Private Health Insurance rebate is proven
    Liberal economic credentials are proven
    Maintaining a strong surplus is proven
    Minimise Government debt is proven

    My mum always said “put away a few penny for a rainy day …. well Australia did have a few penny in the bank thanks to the Howard/Costello era…. but when the rainy days came and kept coming in Qld, NSW, VIC those penny had been spent but the Labour Gov and now we have a flood levy…. turns out mum was right she must have been a Liberal all along..

    Keep up the good work this is your year….Shaune