Tony Abbott’s Christmas Message

This is the Christmas message from the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, and his wife, Margie.

Christmas message from Tony and Margie Abbott.

Christmas is a great time of year.

In our family, like yours, Christmas is a time to come together, share stories, exchange gifts, enjoy a wonderful meal and be grateful for what we have.

It is a time of joy and anticipation. But for some, for whatever reason, Christmas can be difficult time – it’s up to all of us, to remember everyone who’s doing it tough.

All of us as Australians have much to be thankful for – we are an open, decent and generous people, who live free of the turmoil and bitter divisions that have gripped other nations.

From our family to your family – we wish you a happy Christmas – may it be an enjoyable, peaceful and safe time for everyone.

Merry Christmas.

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