To Close will close shortly.

The site has been online since June 1995, nearly 18 years ago. It has operated on the current domain name for the past 12 years. It contains thousands of pages of content and routinely attracts 100,000-250,000 unique monthly visitors.

The site has grown in every year it has been online. At one point, I even hoped it would become a full-time venture. It had a bumper year in 2010 due to the federal election and other political events. This election year promised to be the site’s best yet.

However, my personal circumstances dictate that the site’s time is up. It will disappear from the web when the current hosting arrangements expire. The companion sites, and, will also close.

It has been a labour of love maintaining the site over the years. I would like to thank everyone who visited it.

- Malcolm Farnsworth

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  1. Thank you Malcolm. I’d only just found the website last year, but it quickly became a favourite among my RSS feed for its clear reporting of political events. Best of luck with everything else.

  2. Hi Malcolm. I’m very sorry to see this post. Thanks for all your work over the years, from teaching me VCE English in 1984 at Norwood High School, to the ongoing commentary on Australian Politics. I’ve enjoyed it all! Best wishes for the future.

  3. Sorry to hear that Malcolm. I visit your site and associated sites to remind myself of history from time to time or perhaps learn it. The last time I was this disappointed to see a site go was when Bryan Palmer let his go.

  4. Tony Nicholas says:

    Sorry to see it close.

    Can you export the site’s content as a PDF or ebook, and make it available for download, before it disappears?

  5. Marg Hutton says:

    Malcolm I am so very sorry to read this. I can’t imagine the internet without
    I know how much you have put it into it over the years and how hard you have worked on it. It is a gold mine of information on Australian politics and will be sorely missed.
    Is there any way that visitors could donate to the site to keep it online?

    Thank you for providing this wonderful resource free of charge for nigh on twenty years. It is an awesome accomplishment!

  6. Ali Harris says:

    What a great loss this will be to all of us out there who have been regular visitors to your site for many years. An e-book would be a fantastic way to save and still share your research over the years. Thanks for all of your efforts in drawing together political commentary over the years and making it available to us, it has been such a bonus to those who teach politics and law to students in secondary schools.
    Will miss this site :)

  7. I guess we’ll always have unless you told them not to archive these sites.