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ALP – Cowper (NSW) How-To-Vote Card

This is the first how-to-vote card I’ve seen for this year’s election: the ALP’s card for the NSW electorate of Cowper.



Cowper is a safe coalition electorate. Since 1901, it has only been held by the ALP once, between 1961 and 1963. The current Nationals member, Luke Hartsuyker, has held the seat since 2001.

Hartsuyker won the seat in 2013 with 53.05% of the primary vote. The ALP polled 25.37% and the Greens 12.37%.

There are 7 candidates contesting Cowper:

  • Wayne Lawrence – Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
  • Michael Gough – Citizens Electoral Council
  • Carol Vernon – The Greens
  • Damian Wood – ALP
  • Rob Oakeshott – Independent
  • Luke Hartsuyker – The Nationals
  • John Arkan – Independent

The ALP is preferencing the independent Arkan, ahead of the Greens and Rob Oakeshott, with the sitting member in fifth position. The far right Christian Democrats and the Citizens Electoral Council have been placed last.

Rob Oakeshott is the former independent member for the neighbouring electorate of Lyne. He was originally a Nationals MP in the NSW state parliament.

Of particular interest is the ALP’s Senate ticket:

  1. ALP
  2. The Greens
  3. Renewable Energy Party
  4. Animal Justice Party
  5. Australian Sex Party
  6. Liberal Democrats

The choice of the Liberal Democrats for the last position is of interest, given the ideological leanings of the party.

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