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2017 U.K. Election Results – Detailed

The booklet shown below contains detailed information on the results of the 2017 United Kingdom elections.

The Conservative Party lost a net 13 seats to finish with 317 seats in the House of Commons. The Labour Party had a net gain of 30 seats to finish with 262. The Scottish National Party won 35 seats, a lost of 21. The Liberal Democrats won 12, an increase of 4.

Having lost its majority, Prime Minister Theresa May’s government now survives with the support of the Irish Democratic Unionist Party, which won 10 seats, an increase of 2.

The booklet shown below can be expanded to full-screen size. It can be downloaded. It is published here in accordance with the terms of its Open Parliament Licence. It contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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