Gillard Announces $3.7 Billion Aged Care Policy

The Gillard Labor government today announced a suite of aged-care policies worth $3.7 billion over five years.

The package aims to facilitate more support and care at home for older Australians, better access to residential care, recognition for carers and more support for those with dementia.

The policy was announced by the Prime Minister and the Minister for Ageing, Mark Butler. [Read more…]

Howard Announces Tax Breaks For Aged Workers

Prime Minister John Howard has announced a policy to provide tax breaks for mature age workers.

Howard said a re-elected coalition government would introduced a Mature Age Worker Tax Offset. The offset will be available to people over the age of 55 and will provide a maximum annual rebate of $500 on their earned income.

The offset would take effect from the start of the current 2004-05 financial year.

Howard said 750,000 mature age Australian workers would benefit from the initiative, at a cost of $1.039 billion. [Read more…]