The Greening Of Labor: Liberals Step Up Attack On Greens Influence

The Liberal Party has stepped up its attack on Greens influence over the Labor Party.

The party has launched a website, The Greening of Labor, an advertisement attacking the ALP, and a booklet detailing the activities of various Labor MPs and candidates.

The booklet focusses on the activities of the Labor Environmental Action Network, which it claims is “an incredibly powerful Labor by Green activists, and which is driving Labor policy”. [Read more…]

Stand Up For What Matters: Greens Television Advertisement

The Australian Greens have released a television advertisement for the federal election.

The ad is called, Stand up for what matters: vote Greens in 2016.

The Greens say the ad was funded by small donations. Its release is timed to coincide with the opening of pre-poll and postal voting. [Read more…]

Election Gets Willing As Preference Deals Announced; Turnbull Says Libs Will Put Greens Last

The Liberal Party has announced that it will preference the Labor Party ahead of the Greens in every electorate in the election.

The ALP has announced that it will preference the Liberal Party ahead of The Nationals in the rural seats of Murray (Vic), Durack and O’Connor (WA).

The Liberal Party decision is particularly important since it makes it very difficult for the Greens to make up ground in Batman, Wills and Melbourne Ports (Vic), and in Sydney and Grayndler (NSW). The decision all but guarantees that the ALP candidates will win these seats. Late last week, the Greens announced that they would preference the ALP ahead of the Liberals in the inner-city Melbourne seats.

The decision could make Melbourne difficult for the Greens member Adam Bandt, who will need to maintain his primary vote to overcome the lack of Liberal preferences.

The ALP’s preferences in the three rural seats will also prevent The Nationals increasing their numbers in the Coalition, relative to the Liberal Party. ALP preferences will be of particular value in Murray, where the new Liberal candidate, Duncan McGauchie, faces a strong Nationals contender, Damian Drum. [Read more…]

A Cautionary Tale: Senate Votes In The 2013 Federal Election

Aside from the Coalition, ALP and Greens, just five parties were able to poll above 1% nationally in the last Senate election.

The Palmer United Party, Liberal Democrats, Nick Xenophon Group, Sex Party and Family First each managed to reach 1% nationally in the 2013 federal election. They polled higher numbers in particular states and managed to win seats. Only the Sex Party failed to elect a senator.

A further 46 groups polled less than 1% each. Nineteen of these failed to make it to 0.5%. Twenty-five groups failed to poll more than 0.66% and will not contest this year’s election. Only Ricky Muir from this group of 46 managed to win election to the Senate and that was due to group voting ticket preference deals which have now been abolished. [Read more…]

Parties And Groups Contesting The Senate In The 2016 Federal Election

Nominations for the 2016 Federal Election closed today.

The table on this page shows the parties and groups contesting the Senate in the 6 states and 2 territories.

A cell is shaded yellow if a particular party/group is contesting that state/territory.

The major parties are listed first. Other groups are listed in alphabetical order but I have made some rearrangements to take account of groups combining forces in various states/territories. Most groups have nominated two or three candidates. [Read more…]

Breakdown Of House Nominations: 2016 Federal Election

Nominations for the federal election closed today.

The table below shows the number of nominations in House of Representatives seats, broken down by state.

A total of 994 candidates have nominated for the 150 seats in the House. This is 194 fewer than the record 1,188 candidates at the 2013 House election.

The average number of candidates per seat is 6.6.

The smallest number of nominations is 3 in the Victorian electorate of Gorton, held by the ALP’s Brendan O’Connor.

Seven seats have the largest number of nominations, 11 each. They are: Grayndler and Lindsay (NSW); Batman, Dunkley and Murray (Vic); Longman (Qld); and Solomon (NT).

A further eight seats have 10 nominations each. They are: New England, Sydney and Warringah (NSW); and Corangamite, Gippsland, Indi, La Trobe and Wills (Vic). [Read more…]

Double Disappointment Day: Greens React To Election Announcement

The Australian Greens have reacted to the July 2 double dissolution election announcement, describing it as a “double disappointment” for Australians.

The Greens says the public deserves better than it is getting from both the Coalition and the ALP.

They say: “Both the Liberals and Labor support new coal mines. They both support detaining innocent people in hellish camps offshore. They both lack the courage to clean up our democracy. They’re a double disappointment and this double dissolution election is an opportunity for voters to demand better.” [Read more…]