A Cautionary Tale: Senate Votes In The 2013 Federal Election

Aside from the Coalition, ALP and Greens, just five parties were able to poll above 1% nationally in the last Senate election.

The Palmer United Party, Liberal Democrats, Nick Xenophon Group, Sex Party and Family First each managed to reach 1% nationally in the 2013 federal election. They polled higher numbers in particular states and managed to win seats. Only the Sex Party failed to elect a senator.

A further 46 groups polled less than 1% each. Nineteen of these failed to make it to 0.5%. Twenty-five groups failed to poll more than 0.66% and will not contest this year’s election. Only Ricky Muir from this group of 46 managed to win election to the Senate and that was due to group voting ticket preference deals which have now been abolished. [Read more…]

Parties And Groups Contesting The Senate In The 2016 Federal Election

Nominations for the 2016 Federal Election closed today.

The table on this page shows the parties and groups contesting the Senate in the 6 states and 2 territories.

A cell is shaded yellow if a particular party/group is contesting that state/territory.

The major parties are listed first. Other groups are listed in alphabetical order but I have made some rearrangements to take account of groups combining forces in various states/territories. Most groups have nominated two or three candidates. [Read more…]

Breakdown Of House Nominations: 2016 Federal Election

Nominations for the federal election closed today.

The table below shows the number of nominations in House of Representatives seats, broken down by state.

A total of 994 candidates have nominated for the 150 seats in the House. This is 194 fewer than the record 1,188 candidates at the 2013 House election.

The average number of candidates per seat is 6.6.

The smallest number of nominations is 3 in the Victorian electorate of Gorton, held by the ALP’s Brendan O’Connor.

Seven seats have the largest number of nominations, 11 each. They are: Grayndler and Lindsay (NSW); Batman, Dunkley and Murray (Vic); Longman (Qld); and Solomon (NT).

A further eight seats have 10 nominations each. They are: New England, Sydney and Warringah (NSW); and Corangamite, Gippsland, Indi, La Trobe and Wills (Vic). [Read more…]

Election Nominations: Three MPs Who Blundered Their Way Out Of Parliament

Nominations for the 2016 federal election close at noon today.

On such a day, I always give a thought to some famous examples of sitting MPs who forgot to nominate in time and ended up out of parliament.

It is all but impossible for a federal candidate for a political party to fail to nominate these days. Group nominations can be submitted by the parties on behalf of individual candidates two days before the final close of nominations.

2002 – Dr. Robert Dean

DeanDean, then 50, was the Liberal shadow treasurer in Victoria. He had been the Liberal member for Berwick since 1992, Following a redistribution, he nominated in the seat of Gembrook and claimed an enrolment address in Berwick, a property he had previously rented.

The Victorian Electoral Commission ruled he was ineligible to stand because he had been struck off the roll when the Commission established he was not living at the Berwick address.

Dean, in fact, lived in Hawthorn, some considerable distance from Gembrook. [Read more…]

The Ages Of The Turnbull Government Ministers

A passing comment on today’s Insiders program about Malcolm Turnbull being the only member of the Federal Cabinet over the age of 60 led to the tables on this page.

Turnbull Government – Ages of Ministers – Summary
Group 60-69 50-59 40-49 30-39 18-30 Total Average Age

Turnbull is the only member of the executive over 60 in what we traditionally called the ministry, but only if you don’t count the Parliamentary Secretaries, the people now called Assistant Ministers. Two of them – Ken Wyatt and Jane Prentice – are over 60.

Turnbull is the only member of Cabinet or the Outer Ministry over 60, but only since Andrew Robb and Warren Truss retired earlier this year. Ian Macfarlane was also over 60 but he left the government last year (with a little help from Turnbull).

Of the 22 members of Cabinet, 13 are under the age of 50. At 39, Kelly O’Dwyer is the youngest Cabinet minister, whilst Senator Matt Canavan, at 35, is the youngest member of the outer ministry. Two of the twelve Assistant Ministers are under 40, with Wyatt Roy the youngest member of the entire executive, at 25.

Two of Turnbull’s Cabinet ministers will soon turn 60. Senator Nigel Scullion gets there on May 4. Provided the government survives the expected double dissolution on July 2, Julie Bishop will still be a Cabinet minister when she turns 60 on July 17. Senator Arthur Sinodinos and Senator George Brandis will turn 60 in 2017.

The overall average age of Turnbull’s 42-member executive is 48.7. The average age of the 22 members of Cabinet is 49.4. The Outer Ministry of 8 averages 47.3, whilst the 12 Assistant Ministers average 48.4. Wyatt Roy pulls the average of the Assistant Ministers down a bit but it’s interesting that there aren’t more of them from the ranks of the 30-somethings, given that the position is seen as a training ground. [Read more…]

John Cobb, Nationals MP, To Retire From Calare

John Cobb, the Nationals MP for Calare, has announced that he will retire at this year’s election.

CobbCobb, 66, has been a federal member since 2001, through five terms. He held Parkes in 2001 and 2004, transferring to Calare in 2007.

Cobb was a Parliamentary Secretary in the Howard government (2004-05) and became Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs in 2005. He was appointed Minister for Community Services in 2006 and then Assistant Minister for the Environment and Water Resources from 2007 until the government’s defeat that year.

Calare is a safe seat for the Nationals. Its main centres of population include: Bathurst, Blayney, Canowindra, Eugowra, Gulgong, Kandos, Lithgow, Molong, Oberon, Orange, Mudgee, Portland, Rylstone, Wallerawang and Yeoval. [Read more…]

Turnbull’s New Ministers Sworn In; Joyce Now Deputy PM

The reshuffled Turnbull ministry was sworn in this morning.


A number of existing ministers assumed new portfolios, whilst a batch of new ministers and parliamentary secretaries took the oath as Executive Councillors for the first time.

Barnaby Joyce, the new leader of The Nationals, is now Deputy Prime Minister. [Read more…]