Crime Commission Finds No Impropriety In Pauline Hanson Prosecution

The Queensland Crime And Misconduct Commission has found that the prosecution of Pauline Hanson was conducted properly and without evidence of political pressure.

The CMC specifically exonerated federal Liberal minister Tony Abbott, saying his involvement “in events leading up to the institution of proceedings to deregister the party did not produce or constitute a failure of due process”.

Hanson and David Ettridge, co-founders of One Nation with David Oldfield, were convicted and jailed on fraud charges arising out of the registration of the party with the Queensland Electoral Commission in 1997. [Read more…]

Queensland Supreme Court Overturns Hanson, Ettridge Convictions

The Queensland Court of Appeal has overturned the convictions of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge.

The One Nation founders were convicted in the District Court of Queensland on August 20, 2003 and sentenced to three years in jail.

The Court of Appeal heard the appeal yesterday and delivered judgment today.

Extraordinary Interview: John Howard Quizzed On Abbott And One Nation

Prime Minister John Howard has had a willing encounter with an ABC interviewer who quizzed him over Tony Abbott’s involvement in the legal action against One Nation.

Howard appeared on the AM program. He was interviewed by Catherine McGrath.

  • Listen to Howard on AM:

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  • Aug 27, 2003: Tony Abbott’s interview with Kerry O’Brien on The 7.30 Report.

Transcript of John Howard’s interview with Catherine McGrath on AM.


Mr Howard, good morning. Tony Abbott said last night that in 1998 he thought it was very important that the One Nation juggernaut, he called it, be stopped. Did you think that back then? [Read more…]

Abbott On Action Against Hanson: “I Was Acting Entirely On My Own”

This is the audio and transcript of Tony Abbott’s interview with Kerry O’Brien on The 7.30 Report on August 27, 2003.

It took place one week after Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge were found guilty of electoral fraud and sentenced to three years in jail.

Hanson and Ettridge were accused of falsely claiming that 500 members of a support movement were members of “Pauline Hanson’s One Nation”, enabling it to be registered as a political party and to claim electoral funding.

In August 2003, Tony Abbott was a cabinet minister in John Howard’s government. He was Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and Minister assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service.

Following the jailing of Hanson and Ettridge, the part played by Tony Abbott attracted attention because of his role in establishing a trust fund called “Australians for Honest Politics” which had helped fund civil court action against One Nation.

Hanson and Ettridge were released from jail on November 6, 2003, after the Queensland Court of Appeal overturned their convictions.

  • Listen to Tony Abbott interviewed by Kerry O’Brien (16m)

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Transcript of Tony Abbott’s interview with Kerry O’Brien on The 7.30 Report.

O’BRIEN: Welcome to the program.

And again tonight we look at the storm over senior Government minister Tony Abbott, his involvement in trying to bring down Pauline Hanson through the courts back in 1998 and whether or not he lied to the ABC’s ‘Four Corners’ over a promise to fund a civil court action against Ms Hanson by One Nation dissident Terry Sharples. [Read more…]

Howard Says Hanson-Abbott Furore Has ‘Got Quite Out Of Proportion’

This is the transcript of a doorstop interview given by the Prime Minister, John Howard, in Sydney.

Transcript of John Howard doorstop interview.

JOURNALIST: Mr Howard, you said on Friday that your party had nothing to do with the Pauline Hanson fighting fund (inaudible)?

HOWARD: Well look can I just, I’ll come to the detailed questions in a minute but this whole thing has got quite out of proportion. No politician has been involved in any way with the criminal prosecution of Pauline Hanson. Peter Beattie wasn’t involved, Tony Abbott wasn’t, I wasn’t, Kim Beazley wasn’t, Simon Crean wasn’t. Pauline Hanson was prosecuted for a crime by the independent Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions and I think all of this suggestion coming from the Labor Party that in some way Mr Abbott was involved in the prosecution is an attempt to represent him as having something that he hasn’t been. So I just think everybody ought to take a shower and sort of calm down and get the thing back into perspective. [Read more…]

Truth Overboard Again, Says ALP

This is the transcript of a doorstop interview given by Craig Emerson, the ALP’s Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations.

Emerson commented on the role played by Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott in the legal action taken against Pauline Hanson and One Nation.

Transcript of doorstop interview by Craig Emerson.

EmersonEMERSON: Yet again the Howard Government has thrown the truth overboard. Tony Abbott had denied the existence of any fund to pay for the costs of witnesses who testified against Pauline Hanson. It’s emerged today that such a fund did exist. Not only did it exist, Tony Abbott organised it personally. Tony Abbott needs to answer these questions: where did the money come from, who received the money and who made decisions on who received the money? A $100,000 secret slush fund is a huge amount of money in anybody’s terms. But perhaps not in the Liberal Party’s terms. So Tony Abbott needs to answer those questions and surely John Howard is not going to deny any knowledge of Tony Abbott’s $100,000 slush fund. [Read more…]

Abbott Denies Lying

This is the text of a media release from the Minister for Workplace Relations, Tony Abbott.


Tony AbbottA question has arisen about an answer I gave to Four Corners given that I subsequently established a Trust to fund legal challenges to the validity of the registration of One Nation in Queensland. I should make it clear that the answer I gave to Four Corners preceded the formation of the Trust.

On the Four Corners programme broadcast on August 10 1998, I was asked: “So there was never any question of any party or other funds from any other source being offered to Terry Sharples?”. I replied, in response to the first part of the question: “Absolutely not”. No Liberal Party funds were at any stage offered or involved.

Strictly speaking, no money at all had been offered. The lawyers I organised were acting without charge and the support for costs which I had promised would only become an issue in the event of a costs order being made against Sharples.

Much later, after Sharples had launched legal action against me claiming open-ended damages arising from my promise that he would not be out of pocket, my solicitor offered to settle Sharples’ claim for $10,000. Sharples rejected this and I have never paid him any money. [Read more…]