Pressure Groups

A Listing of Australian Pressure Groups

There are many hundreds of pressure groups in Australia, some economic, some social, some with broad aims, some devoted to single issues.

A Saturday Reflection

An eloquent defence of protest and dissidence from The Age in 1987.

The Impact of Pressure Groups on the Democratic Process

There is much debate about whether pressure groups enhance or detract from democratic values.

Shock-Jock Democracy – The Influence Of Radio Talkback

A discussion of the influence of radio talkback on the Federal government’s decision on petrol excise in March 2001.

Pressure Groups and the Media

Demonstrations against the World Economic Forum were held in Melbourne during September 2000. The protests were loosely organised by a group known as S11. This article is a report on the media coverage of the protests by the historian, Dr. Bernard Barrett.

Women’s Electoral Lobby

A history of the activities of this Australian group devoted to women’s rights.

Australian Medical Association

Information about this important peak lobby group. In 2001, the AMA president, Dr. Kerryn Phelps, was involved in a bitter conflict with the then Health Minister, Dr. Wooldridge.

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