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State Elections

This page contains links to pages on Australian State and Territory elections.

New South Wales

  • 2011 New South Wales – The ALP is demolished after 16 years in office.
  • 2003 New South Wales – Bob Carr’s third and final victory for the ALP. The government won 55 seats in the 93-seat lower house.
  • 1988 New South Wales – The Wran-Unsworth era comes to an and Nick Greiner leads the coalition into government.


  • 2014 Victoria – Labor returns to office under Daniel Andrews, after only one term in opposition.
  • 2010 Victoria – Ted Baillieu narrowly wins office for the Liberal-Nationals coalition.
  • 2006 Victoria – Steve Bracks won the second-biggest victory in Victorian history.
  • 2002 Victoria – Labor Premier Steve Bracks secured the biggest victory in Victorian history.
  • 1999 Victoria – the election that unexpectedly saw the defeat of the coalition government led by Jeff Kennett.
  • 1996 Victoria – the election that saw Jeff Kennett and the Liberal-National coalition returned for a second term with an overwhelming majority.


  • 2006 Queensland – Peter Beattie wins a fourth term for the ALP.
  • 2004 Queensland – Peter Beattie wins a third term for the ALP.
  • 2001 Queensland – the election that delivered a landslide victory to the ALP and Premier Peter Beattie. The Labor government won 66 of the 89 seats in the Legislative Assembly.
  • 1998 Queensland – the election that delivered minority government to Peter Beattie and the ALP.

Western Australia

South Australia

  • 2014 South Australia – Jay Weatherill forms a minority government and takes the ALP to a surprise fourth term.


  • 2014 Tasmania – Will Hodgman takes the Liberals back into office for the first time in 16 years.
  • 2002 Tasmania – Jim Bacon takes the ALP to a landslide re-election to a second term.
  • 1998 Tasmania – the election that returned the ALP to government in the Apple Isle for the first time since 1992.
  • 1989 Tasmania – Michael Field forms a coalition government with the Greens, defeating the Liberals.

Australian Capital Territory

  • 2008 A.C.T. – Jon Stanhope’s Labor government loses its majority and is forced into coalition with the Greens.

Northern Territory

  • 2016 N.T. – The ALP returns to government under Michael Gunner, all but wiping out the Country Liberals.
  • 2012 N.T. – Denis Burke takes the CLP back into government after 11 years in opposition, defeating ALP Chief Minister Paul Henderson.
  • 2001 N.T. – Clare Martin takes the ALP into government for the first time
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