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Northern Territory Election On August 18

August 1, 2001

Denis Burke, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory The Northern Territory is to go the polls on August 18 to elect 25 members of the Legislative Assembly. The election was announced yesterday by the Chief Minister, Denis Burke.

Burke is the leader of the Country-Liberal Party government that has ruled the "top end" since self-government was granted in 1974.

The CLP holds 17 seats in the unicameral Parliament, compared to 7 for the Australian Labor Party. There is one independent, the former CLP Speaker of the Assembly.

Whilst there is an expectation that some sitting members will face a challenge from independents, some of whom are disgruntled CLP members defeated in pre-selection ballots, there is little chance that the conservative government will be defeated.

Whilst the Federal seat of the Northern Territory is marginal and frequently swings between the major parties, the territory has a solid record of supporting the CLP in Assembly elections.

The announcement of the election comes a week after the Chief Minister was convicted of contempt of court and fined over comments he made about the judiciary.



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