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Nominations For ALP Presidency Close

September 19, 2003

Nominations for the first directly-elected President of the Australian Labor Party have closed.

In a media statement today, the ALP National Secretary, Tim Gartrell, announced that 11 people will contest the election. In order of their position on the ballot paper, they are:

  1. Mary Easson
  2. Warren Mundine
  3. Monica Gould
  4. Barry Jones
  5. Duncan Kerr
  6. Sarah Burke
  7. Grace Grace
  8. Michael Samaras
  9. Susan Ryan
  10. Shelley Archer
  11. Carmen Lawrence
Three people will be elected during balloting of ALP members throughout October.

The first-elected will take the position for the next 12 months and then the position will rotate.

The first-elected will chair the ALP's National Conference in Sydney in January 2004.

The election results from changes to the ALP's structure carried at a special National Conference in October 2002.

This is the text of Rule 9 of the ALP's National Constitution:

Rule 9 - National President and National Vice-Presidents

(a) The National President and 2 National Vice-Presidents must be directly elected from and by Party members in the 12 months before each triennial National Conference in a single ballot by proportional representation with affirmative action in accordance with rule 10.


  1. The candidate first elected holds office in turn as National President, National Junior Vice-President and National Senior Vice-President.
  2. The candidate second elected holds office in turn as National Senior Vice-President, National President and National Junior Vice-President.
  3. The candidate third elected holds office in turn as National Junior Vice-President, National Senior Vice-President and National President.
  4. The term of office in each position is 12 months, beginning at the commencement of National Conference or on the anniversary of that date, except that the term of office in the third position ends at the commencement of the next triennial National Conference.
(c) The National President, when available, will chair National Conference and meetings of the National Executive, and conduct such meetings in accordance with the National Conference Standing Orders. The National President will carry out any other duties referred by the National Executive.

(d) The National Vice-Presidents in order of seniority will take the Chair in the absence of the National President, and carry out any other duties referred by the National Executive.



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