Julia Gillard’s Interview With CNN’s Christiane Amanpour

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has given an interview to Christiane Amanpour on CNN.


Gillard spoke about sexism, mysogyny and attitudes to women in public life. She said she was most proud of her government’s work in education and said the heads of government agreement with China was her greatest foreign policy achievement.

The former Labor leader also discussed the Indonesian spying allegations but refused to comment on intelligence activities during her time in office. [Read more…]

Rudd Formally Resigns As Member For Griffith

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bronwyn Bishop, has confirmed that she has received a letter of resignation from Kevin Rudd.

The former prime minister’s resignation as the Labor member for Griffith in Queensland brings to an end a 15-year parliamentary career.

Rudd was first elected on October 3, 1998. He served in five full parliaments, winning re-election in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013. He was twice prime minister, defeating John Howard in 2007, then losing the leadership to Julia Gillard in 2010, before replacing her in June this year and then losing the 2013 election. He relinquished the ALP leadership on election night. [Read more…]

Queensland To Introduce Voter ID Law, Increase Funding Threshold, Allow Unlimited Donations

Requiring electors to produce identification when they vote is part of a package of electoral reforms to be introduced by the Queensland government.

Voters will be required to produce a driver licence, passport, utility bill, Medicare card or similiar identification when they turn up to vote.

The government is also proposing to increase the primary vote threshold for public funding from 4% to 10%, a measure that will severely affect the level of funding provided to minor parties, including the Greens and the Palmer United Party.

The government is proposing to publish how-to-vote cards on the Electoral Commission’s website during elections.

The most controversial measure proposes to abolish caps on political donations and expenditure. The government plans to bring donation disclosure regulations in line with federal laws.

Media statement from Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.

Voting revolution for Queensland

Voting will be revolutionised at the next state election under electoral reforms introduced in Parliament today. [Read more…]

Carbon Tax Repeal Bills Passed By House Of Representatives

The bills to repeal the previous Labor government’s carbon tax have been passed by the House of Representatives.

Third Reading

The third reading of the eleven bills took place at 4.08pm today. The final vote was passed on the voices. In a near-deserted chamber, the Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, was congratulated by his colleagues. [Read more…]

Tony Pasin (Lib – Barker) – First Speech

Tony Pasin was first elected as the Liberal member for Barker at the 2013 federal election.

Pasin, 36, is a lawyer. He was born in Mt Gambier and served on the Mt Gambier City Council between 2003-10.

  • Listen to Pasin’s maiden speech (20m)
  • Watch Pasin (20m)

Hansard transcript of Tony Pasin’s maiden speech to the House of Representatives.

Mr PASIN (Barker) (09:02): Madam Speaker, in addressing this place for the first time, I add my voice to the chorus of congratulations on your election to the speakership. I am proud to have voted to elect you as the first conservative female Speaker—based on your merits and achievements, as all appointments should be. I am certain that in the discharge of your duties you will act with fairness and decorum, and ensure that my colleagues and I maintain our respect for this place and each other. [Read more…]

A Week After Announcing His Retirement, Kevin Rudd Still Hasn’t Resigned

A week after announcing his resignation from the House of Representatives, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has not yet submitted his resignation to the Speaker.

RuddUnder Section 37 of the Constitution, a member resigns “by writing addressed to the Speaker”. As of close of business on Wednesday night (November 20), the Speaker had made no announcement to the House of Rudd’s resignation as the member for Griffith.

Rudd’s biographical details also remain on the Parliament House website.

Rudd has not appeared in the House chamber since announcing his resignation last week. He has not voted in any of the divisions called since then.

Given that a minimum 33 days notice is required for a by-election, it is now not possible for a by-election this year. The end of January is now the likely earliest date for the by-election. [Read more…]

Indonesia Demands Spying Explanation, Suspends Co-operation; Abbott To Respond; Shorten Invokes ‘Team Australia’

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has suspended intelligence exchanges and military co-operation with Australia and demanded Tony Abbott explain the tapping of his and his wife’s mobile phones.


The suspension of military co-operation includes the sharing of information for anti-people smuggling operations as well as joint military exercises of any kind.

“Facing the common problem of people smuggling, Indonesia and Australia have coordinated operations, coordinated patrolling in the sea area – I have asked for this to be suspended until everything is clear,” President Yudhoyono said. [Read more…]