Rudd Announces Historic Reform To ALP Leadership Election; Party Members To Have 50% Say

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a proposal to give ALP members a 50% say in the election of the federal parliamentary leader.

The Caucus will have the remaining 50% say. A leadership election can be triggered by the leader’s resignation, a federal election loss or a 75% vote of no confidence by the Caucus.

Rudd said: “The proposal guarantees to the electorate that the prime minister they elect is the prime minister they get.”

At a press conference this evening, Rudd said the full ministry had decided on the proposal today. It will be submitted to the Caucus on July 22 for approval. A special meeting of the ALP National Conference is possible if the proposal is rejected.

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Rudd proposes that the Caucus have a 50% share of the vote and party members have the other 50%. A leader who takes the party into government will serve out the full term.

Other elections of the party leader will take place after an election defeat, on the resignation or permanent physical incapacity of the leader, or when 75% of caucus members sign a petition calling for a leadership vote.

Other leadership positions will be decided by the Caucus. Members of the Ministry or Shadow Ministry will also be decided by the Caucus, not the leader. [Read more...]

ALP Launches Kevin Rudd Television Advertisement

This is the advertisement the ALP is running on Australian television tonight.

The party’s YouTube channel titles the ad as “Raising the standards”.


The Rudd Ministry: Age, Sex, State And Factional Breakdown

This page provides statistical data on the second Rudd ministry.

The new Cabinet, outer Ministry and Parliamentary Secretaries were sworn in on July 1, 2013. There are 30 ministers, comprising 20 members in Cabinet and 10 members in the outer ministry. There are 12 parliamentary secretaries who act as assistants to the ministry. All 42 members are sworn as Executive Councillors.

The first table shows the ministry by age, sex, state, parliamentary chamber and faction.

The second table lists each member of the executive and gives their birthdays, ages, electorates, states, portfolio and faction. It also shows when they were first elected to parliament and when they first joined the executive. A handful of members have also served in state parliaments and this is shown in the table.

I have shown only the main Left and Right factional affiliations, disregarding the mainly state-based sub-groupings.

With the exception of the party leaders, who are shown first, the second table lists members of the executive in order of age. [Read more...]

Credit Where Credit Is Due

This advertisement appeared in The Age today.

Placed by the Victorian Women’s Trust and signed by Mary Crooks and Diana Batzias, the advertisement pays tribute to the work of the former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. [Read more...]

Rudd Announces Federal ALP Intervention To Clean Up Corruption In NSW Branch

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that the Federal ALP will intervene in the NSW branch of the party in order to establish rules to clean up corruption.

The 30-day intervention will produce new party rules which will exclude property developers from contesting ALP preselections. It will ensure that party members under suspicion of corrupt behaviour are suspended by the party.


At a joint press conference with the Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, Rudd also discussed his forthcoming trip to Indonesia.

  • Listen to Rudd and Albanese (38m)

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Transcript of press conference by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

RUDD: Good morning, thank you for joining us.

This has been a busy first week for the government.

We have sworn in a new ministry, I’ve been working with the Ministers to set up Cabinet processes for the orderly consideration of a range of policy challenges which lie ahead of us.

Yesterday I spent the time on the telephone to each of the Premiers and Chief Ministers and I have spoken to all of them. [Read more...]