Bowen And Hockey Debate The Economy At National Press Club

Treasurer Chris Bowen and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey have debated the economy at the National Press Club today.

With just ten days until the September 7 election, Bowen and Hockey traversed much-travelled ground on the budget deficit, the national debt and the Opposition’s policy costings.

  • Listen to the Bowen-Hockey debate (59m)

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Rudd On Foreign Policy: Prosperity Linked To Our Place In The World

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has delivered what will probably be his last major speech on Australian foreign policy to the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

Just eleven days out from the election, Rudd told his audience that jobs are at the heart of the ALP’s policy agenda.


He said: “As much as our economic prosperity depends on what we do at home, it is absolutely dependent on our ability to engage fully with the world – through our global economic diplomacy, our political diplomacy both in Australia and at the UN, as well as the best management of our security policy footprint in our immediate region. [Read more…]

Trust Us, Join Us: Tony Abbott Launches Liberal Party Election Campaign

The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has launched the Liberal Party’s 2013 federal election campaign in Brisbane today.

Abbott’s central theme was trust. “We can’t go on like this,” he told the Liberal audience. “We will be a no surprises, no excuses government, because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses from people that you have trusted with your future.”


In a low key, low expectations address, the Liberal leader made few new promises, preferring to reprise his familiar themes about abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax, and stopping the boats. [Read more…]

Searching For The Nation’s Soul: Greens Launch Campaign For Federal Election

The Australian Greens have launched their campaign for the federal election at a rally in Canberra today.

The party’s leader, Senator Christine Milne, was introduced by the deputy leader and member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt.


Milne told the gathering: “There are moments in history when people are so troubled that they search for their nation’s soul… One such moment is now. At this election, we as a people have to choose between the best in us and the worst in us.” [Read more…]

Rudd And Abbott Meet In Leaders’ Forum

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott have met in a leaders’ forum in Brisbane tonight.

It was an even debate that will be seen by many commentators as restoring some balance and momentum to Rudd’s campaign.

The Sky News audience, chosen by the Galaxy polling company from undecided voters, opted 37 for Abbott, 35 for Rudd, with 33 undecided.

A highlight of the encounter at the Brisbane Broncos League Club occurred when Abbott interjected as Rudd was querying the funding of Abbott’s parental leave policy: “Does this guy ever shut up?” [Read more…]

It’s Over: Defeat Looms For The Rudd Government

by Malcolm Farnsworth

After Kevin Rudd’s return to the prime ministership on June 27, and throughout July, I told anyone who asked that I thought the electoral psychology of Rudd’s revival wasn’t clear. I wanted to wait until the end of July to see what the polls revealed.

It seems clear now that the country breathed a sigh of relief that Gillard was gone. The electorate was also prepared to give Rudd a chance to show his stuff. There was a general sense of excitement that we now had a contest. [Read more…]

ALP Launches Anti-Abbott Television Advertisement

With the federal election campaign slipping away from it, the ALP has launched a television advertisement attacking Tony Abbott.

The advertisement is titled: “If Tony Abbott Wins, You Lose.”

The ALP has also launched a website with the same name.

A Newspoll out tomorrow shows a further decline in support for the ALP. Newspoll measures its primary vote at 34%, down 1% from last week. Last week’s figure was a 2% decline from the previous poll.