Murdoch News Corporation Newspaper Leads Attack On Rudd

With the federal election set for September 7, newspapers in the News Corporation stable are expected to take the lead in attacking Kevin Rudd and the ALP.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph has led the way with today’s front page exhortation to readers to “Kick This Mob Out”. The newspaper also runs an editorial on page one urging voters to “Consign Rudd to the bin of history”. [Read more…]

2013 Federal Election Timetable

This is the official timetable of key dates for the 2013 Federal Election.

The dates show the election is being conducted within the minimum timeframe whereby polling day must be no less than 33 days from the issue of the writ. As has been the practice in recent years, the writ will be issued within 24 hours of the election announcement. [Read more…]

A New Way: ALP Launches First Election Campaign Ad

The ALP has released its first television advertisement, following today’s announcement of an election on September 7.

The advertisement features Kevin Rudd and the ALP’s campaign slogan, A New Way.

Liberals Propose One Debate And Two Forums During Election

The Liberal Party has proposed one debate and two forums with Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott during the election campaign.

The Federal Director of the Liberal Party, Brian Loughnane, has written to the National Secretary of the ALP, George Wright, proposing a televised debate between the two leaders next Sunday. [Read more…]

Choose Real Change: Tony Abbott Responds To September 7 Election Announcement

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has responded to the announcement of the September 7 election by calling on voters to reject the division and dysfunction of the Labor Party in favour of “real change” under a Coalition government.

Abbott drew a line under the last three years of minority government by committing himself to refuse to serve as prime minister of a minority government in the next parliament. [Read more…]

Greens Leader Christine Milne Responds To Election Announcement

The leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Christine Milne, has responded to the September 7 election announcement by attacking the “old parties”. [Read more…]

A New Way: Kevin Rudd Says Election Is About Who To Trust With The Future

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has confirmed September 7 as the election date and asked the Australian people to make a decision about who to trust with an Australian economy in transition.

The ALP has revealed that its election slogan is “A New Way”.

ALP [Read more…]