Tony Abbott’s Pre-Election National Press Club Address

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, has made his final pre-election appearance at the National Press Club, in Canberra.

With victory in sight, Abbott’s address contained nothing new. The Liberal leader repeated his assertion that the nation cannot afford “another three years like the last six”.


Journalists’ questions often focussed on what he would do in office, reflecting the mood that Abbott is just days away from becoming Australia’s 28th prime minister. [Read more…]

Jobs And Cuts: Rudd’s Pitch At ALP Election Campaign Launch

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has officially launched the ALP’s election campaign in Brisbane, pitching jobs and training policies whilst warning against budget cuts from Tony Abbott.

Rudd attempted to swing the government’s re-election campaign back to the party’s policy strengths of jobs, training and education. He proposed new measures which would see the federal government take control of TAFE funding. He offered an upfront tax deduction for small business equipment purchases.


Rudd also warned repeatedly of the dangers of an Abbott government and the cuts it would bring to government services. [Read more…]

Government Humiliated By Treasury And PBO On Coalition Costings

The Rudd government was humiliated today by the Parliamentary Budget Office, the Treasury and the Finance Department, after it levelled allegations at the Coalition over its election policy costings.

All three organisations issued public statements that challenged claims made earlier in the day by Prime Minister Rudd, Treasurer Bowen and Finance Minister Wong. The ministers released confidential minutes from Treasury, Finance and PBO and claimed there was a $10 billion dollar “black hole” in the Coalition’s costings.

Treasury, Finance and the PBO released statements which effectively disowned the figures. It was a major assertion of public service integrity during the caretaker period of an election campaign. [Read more…]

New Liberal Party Advertisement: Labor Connections

With the 2013 federal election campaign now in its final eight days, the Liberal Party has highlighted ALP sleaze and corruption in its latest television commercial.

Titled “Labor Connections”, the advertisement positions Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s picture amongst a network of NSW connections that link Foreign Minister Bob Carr and new Labor Senator Sam Dastyari to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) findings against Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald.

  • Watch the ad (30s)

Rudd And Abbott Meet In Second Leaders’ Forum At Rooty Hill RSL

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have met in their third and final encounter of this year’s election.

The Leaders’ Forum was held at the Rooty Hill RSL in the electorate of Chifley in Sydney’s west. After brief opening statements, Rudd and Abbott took questions from the audience.


The debate lacked the vitality of last week’s encounter in Brisbane. Perhaps the most interesting moment came when an audience member asked the two men what they would like to ask each other. Abbott asked Rudd to give a positive reason to justify his re-election. Rudd asked Abbott to detail his policy costings and spell out any planned budget cuts. [Read more…]

Bowen And Hockey Debate The Economy At National Press Club

Treasurer Chris Bowen and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey have debated the economy at the National Press Club today.

With just ten days until the September 7 election, Bowen and Hockey traversed much-travelled ground on the budget deficit, the national debt and the Opposition’s policy costings.

  • Listen to the Bowen-Hockey debate (59m)

[Read more…]

Rudd On Foreign Policy: Prosperity Linked To Our Place In The World

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has delivered what will probably be his last major speech on Australian foreign policy to the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

Just eleven days out from the election, Rudd told his audience that jobs are at the heart of the ALP’s policy agenda.


He said: “As much as our economic prosperity depends on what we do at home, it is absolutely dependent on our ability to engage fully with the world – through our global economic diplomacy, our political diplomacy both in Australia and at the UN, as well as the best management of our security policy footprint in our immediate region. [Read more…]