Another Medicare Advertisement From The ALP

Ahead of its official campaign launch tomorrow, the ALP has released another television advertisement on Medicare.

The ad comes at the end of a week that began with an ad featuring former Prime Minister Bob Hawke talking up the prospect of the Turnbull government privatising Medicare. [Read more…]

Facebook Leaders’ Debate: Turnbull And Shorten

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten have met in a Facebook leader’s debate for the federal election.

In a rushed 52 minutes, the two leaders took about a dozen questions and exchanged barbs on issues ranging from the economy to Medicare, same-sex marriage, the NBN and education.

ShortenPicture credit: Andrew Meares (Fairfax) – image posted on Twitter by @mearesy

The debate was moderated by Joe Hildebrand, on behalf of Around 12,000 people watched the live stream of the debate. It was also shown on Sky News. [Read more…]

Liberals Maintain Focus On Boats

The Liberal Party has maintained its focus on boats and border protection, releasing a new advertisement today.

The advertisement includes audio and video of Kevin Rudd and Bill Shorten committing themselves to turning back boats. “Same old Labor,” the ad says. “Labor can’t be trusted on boats.” [Read more…]

Marriage Equality – Victorian Senate How-To-Vote Card

This is the Victorian Senate how-to-vote card for the Australian Equality Party (Marriage).

Designated as Marriage Equality, the party has allocated its preferences as follows:

  1. Marriage Equality
  2. The Greens
  3. Australian Sex Party
  4. Australian Cyclists Party
  5. Animal Justice Party
  6. The Arts Party

The party was first registered in 2014. [Read more…]

Bob Katter Advertisement Raises Eyebrows

Bob Katter has posted a video advertisement on YouTube that depicts him having shot the ALP and LNP.

The advertisement raised eyebrows today, given its proximity to the shootings in Orlando, Florida, this week.

The theme of the ad is that “Australia is not for sale”. It shows two characters, the ALP and LNP, putting up an “Australia for Sale” sign, which Katter removes. The ad concludes with Katter painting “Australia NOT for Sale” on the sign and blowing smoke from a pistol as the camera rises to show the two characters apparently lying dead. [Read more…]

The Greening Of Labor: Liberals Step Up Attack On Greens Influence

The Liberal Party has stepped up its attack on Greens influence over the Labor Party.

The party has launched a website, The Greening of Labor, an advertisement attacking the ALP, and a booklet detailing the activities of various Labor MPs and candidates.

The booklet focusses on the activities of the Labor Environmental Action Network, which it claims is “an incredibly powerful Labor by Green activists, and which is driving Labor policy”. [Read more…]

Official Guide To The 2016 Election: Australian Electoral Commission

This is the official guide to the 2016 federal election, issued by the Australian Electoral Commission.

The booklet will be distributed to all enrolled voters.

The PDF shown below can be expanded and downloaded. [Read more…]