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Boat Arrivals In Australia: Statistics Since 1976

The Parliamentary Library has released a paper setting out the number of asylum seeker arrivals by boat since 1976.

The paper, Boat arrivals in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics, is by Janet Phillips.

It shows that in financial year 1975-76, in the aftermath of the end of the Vietnam War, one boat carrying 5 people arrived in Australia, followed by around 2000 people over the next few years. There was only one boat in the 1980s. Numbers rose again in 1999 and peaked in calendar year 2001 with 43 boats carrying 5516 people.

Boat arrivals between 2001 and 2008 numbered only a few hundred before climbing again from 2009 and peaking in 2013 with 300 boats and 20,587 people. [Read more…]

Asylum Seeker Allegations: I Trust The Navy, Abbott Says

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has dismissed allegations that Australian Navy personnel burnt the hands of asylum seekers.


Speaking in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum, Abbott said there was no evidence for the allegations. He said: “These are just claims without any apparent facts to back them up. I fully support the statement of the Minister on this subject and I have complete confidence in the decency, the humanity and the professionalism of Australia’s Navy and customs personnel.” [Read more…]

No Boat Arrivals For Three Weeks Says Morrison

The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, says there have been no boat arrivals for more than three weeks.

Morrison has abandoned his weekly media briefing in favour of releasing written statements. In today’s statement, he says: “It has been more than three weeks since the last group of illegal maritime arrivals were transferred to immigration authorities by Border Protection Command.”

Morrison acknowledged that January is usually a quieter period but claimed “the strong policies being implemented by the government mean that people smugglers are being denied the ability to ply their trade with any success”. He said boat arrivals numbered 419, 278 and 271 in the same period over the past three years.

A separate statement from the Customs and Border Protection Service says there are now 1259 people on Manus Island, 867 in Nauru and 2107 on Christmas Island.

Neither statement makes any mention of the towbacks reported by Indonesian and Australian media this week.

Media release from Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

No illegal boat arrivals for more than three weeks

Once again, there have been no persons transferred to Australian immigration authorities during the past reporting week under Operation Sovereign Borders, who arrived in Australia illegally by boat.

It has been more than three weeks since the last group of illegal maritime arrivals were transferred to immigration authorities by Border Protection Command. [Read more…]

Code Of Conduct For Asylum Seekers Living In Australia: Full Text

This is the full text of the code of conduct for asylum seekers living in Australia.

The code was gazetted last week by the federal government and came into force on December 14.

Text of Code of Conduct for asylum seekers living in Australia.

This Code of Behaviour contains a list of expectations about how you will behave at all times while in Australia. It does not contain all your rights and duties under Australian law. If you are found to have breached the Code of Behaviour, you could have your income support reduced, or your visa may be cancelled. If your visa is cancelled, you will be returned to immigration detention and may be transferred to an offshore processing centre. [Read more…]

“You Should Not Come Because You Will Not Stay” – Abbott Claims Mandate For TPVs

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says his government has a mandate to introduce temporary protection visas.


Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison held a joint press conference just before Question Time today to reiterate their support for TPVs following the Senate’s vote against their reintroduction last night. The vote was carried by the ALP and the Greens who retain a blocking majority until June 30 next year.

The Prime Minister was at pains to repeat his message to asylum seekers contemplating paying people smugglers for a boat journey to Australia. “You should not come because you will not stay,” he said.

Abbott has threatened to keep the parliament sitting until close to Christmas in order to put pressure on the ALP. [Read more…]

Scathing UNHCR Report On Conditions On Nauru

The United Nations Refugee Agency has produced a scathing report on conditions at the Regional Processing Centre on Nauru.

The report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said “the current policies, conditions and operational approaches” on Nauru “do not comply with international standards”. [Read more…]

Indonesia Demands Spying Explanation, Suspends Co-operation; Abbott To Respond; Shorten Invokes ‘Team Australia’

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has suspended intelligence exchanges and military co-operation with Australia and demanded Tony Abbott explain the tapping of his and his wife’s mobile phones.


The suspension of military co-operation includes the sharing of information for anti-people smuggling operations as well as joint military exercises of any kind.

“Facing the common problem of people smuggling, Indonesia and Australia have coordinated operations, coordinated patrolling in the sea area – I have asked for this to be suspended until everything is clear,” President Yudhoyono said. [Read more…]