Ross Hart (ALP-Bass) – Maiden Speech

The new ALP member for Bass, Ross Hart, has delivered his maiden speech to the House of Representatives.


Hart regained the Tasmanian electorate, based on Launceston, from the one-term Liberal member Andrew Nikolic at the July 2 election. He achieved a two-party-preferred swing of 10.13%, one of the largest of the election. The ALP primary vote was 40.50% and the two-party 56.09%. [Read more…]

Seats Changing Hands At The 2016 Federal Election

A total of 19 seats changed hands at the 2016 House of Representatives elections.

The Coalition went into the election holding 90 seats and finished up with 76. It lost 17 (16 to the ALP and one to the Nick Xenophon Team). One seat moved from the Liberal Party to The Nationals. The Liberals won one seat from the ALP.

The ALP went into the election holding 55 seats and ended up with 69. It won 16 from the Coalition, lost one to the Liberals, and lost one to the redistribution in NSW.

As in 2013, there are 5 crossbenchers. The Greens and Katter’s Australian Party retained their seats, whilst the two independents (Wilkie and McGowan) increased their majorities. Clive Palmer did not contest Fairfax and it returned to the LNP. The Nick Xenophon Team took Mayo from the Liberal Party.

The 19 seats that changed hands represent 12.66% of the House. 131 seats (87.33%) did not change hands, demonstrating once again the stability and predictability of Australian voting habits and the narrow range of seats that change governments. In the 2013 election, 22 seats (14.66%) changed hands. [Read more…]

GetUp! Lauds Its Election Campaign; Liberals Disagree

The activist group GetUp! has congratulated itself on its election campaign and taken credit for campaigns that removed conservative Liberals from parliament.

GetUp! has posted a YouTube video applauding its campaign work, especially its use of phone banks to contact voters in marginal seats and its distribution of how-to-vote cards on polling day.

The Liberal Party has attacked GetUp!, claiming it poured a million dollars into the campaign against Andrew Nikolic in Bass, Tasmania. Nikolic was defeated by a swing of just over 10% in the Launceston-based electorate. Nikolic, a former army officer, was one of former prime minister Tony Abbott’s staunchest supporters in the last parliament. The Liberal Party’s Senate leader, Eric Abetz, has attributed Nikolic’s defeat to the campaign by GetUp!. [Read more…]

Which Seats Have Changed Hands So Far In The Federal Election?

This table shows the House of Representatives seats that have changed hands at the 2016 federal election.

Note: Counting has not concluded. Other seats may be added to this list in coming days. The swing percentages shown below may alter slightly. Details of the latest counting is here.

So far, 16 seats have changed hands. The Liberal/LNP/CLP have lost 13 seats, 11 to the ALP, one to the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) and one to The Nationals. The ALP has lost one seat to the Liberals.

The Coalition parties went into the election holding 90 seats, the ALP 55, with 5 crossbenchers.

In NSW, the seat of Barton, whilst held by the Liberal Party, was notionally Labor (4.4%), following a redistribution. The seat of Dobell, whilst held by the Liberal Party, was nationally Labor (0.2%). The seat of Paterson, whilst held by the Liberal Party, was notionally Labor (0.4%). [Read more…]

Michael Ferguson (Bass-Lib) – First Speech

Michael Ferguson was the Liberal Party member for the Tasmanian electorate of Bass. He was first elected in 2004.

Ferguson defeated Labor’s Michelle O’Byrne who had held the seat for two terms. The seat returned to the ALP at the 2007 election when Ferguson was defeated by Jodie Campbell.

Hansard transcript of Michael Ferguson’s first speech to the House of Representatives.

FergusonMr MICHAEL FERGUSON (Bass) (4.14 p.m.)—Mr Deputy Speaker, it does me good to stand in this chamber today. Yesterday I took the oath of office and humbly accepted my new role as the 12th member of the House of Representatives for the people of Bass. I appreciate very keenly the sense of responsibility, honour and duty to serve that that brings. Bass has always been an electorate that commands the nation’s attention. A Federation seat, it remains one of the litmus seats to watch at each election. Bass stretches from Greater Launceston and the Tamar Valley to Tasmania’s north-east and the Furneaux Group of islands. Bass is regional Australia. With its urban and rural areas and people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, Bass boasts a diverse mix of industries, including textiles, boatbuilding, agriculture, forestry and value-added timber products, tourism, fishing and our local historic 1881 brewery, Boag’s, the makers of Australia’s best beer. [Read more…]

Senator Bob Brown (Greens-Tas) Bass How-To-Vote Card 2001

This is the how-to-vote card issued by the Australian Greens in the Tasmanian electorate of Bass for the 2001 federal election.

Senator Bob Brown, the Greens leader, had won his seat in 1996 and was facing his first re-election.

The Greens candidate in Bass, Kim Booth, polled 6.2% of the primary vote and the sitting ALP member, Michelle O’Byrne, was comfortably re-elected. [Read more…]