Democrats Attack Howard Amendments To Electoral Laws

In this speech, Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Murray lashed the Howard government over its changes to the electoral system.

Second Reading : Electoral & Referendum Amendment (Electoral Integrity & Other Measures) Bill 2006

Senator MURRAY (Western Australia) (9.21 a.m.) – In making my remarks on the Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Electoral Integrity and Other Measures) Bill 2006, I would like to be on the record as stating that this bill represents yet another appalling outcome of coalition control of the Senate. It is a bill that in many respects blatantly seeks to advantage the coalition. From the words electoral integrity in the title of this bill, one would assume its provisions are motivated by an intention to improve our representative democracy, to improve the democratic and electoral rights of Australians. [Read more…]

Western Australian Government To Toughen MPs Disclosure Laws

The Gallop Labor government in Western Australia is to introduce sweeping new financial disclosure rules for WA members of parliament.

The new rules include requiring MPs to disclose information about family holdings and publishing details of MPs’ financial interests on the internet.

Text of a media statement released by the Western Australian Premier, Geoff Gallop.

GallopThe Gallop Government is to introduce sweeping new financial disclosure rules for Western Australian Members of Parliament as part of a push to raise Parliamentary standards and increase public trust in elected members.

Premier Geoff Gallop today announced State Cabinet had approved a package of reforms including:

  • publishing MPs’ financial interests on the Internet;
  • requiring MPs’ to disclose relevant information about family holdings; and
  • requiring MPs to disclose details of their future employment within 30 days of retiring from Parliament.The move honours a key election pledge of the Government.

Dr Gallop said the proposed changes to the Members of Parliament (Financial Interests) Act 1992 increased transparency and accountability. [Read more…]