1986-87 Hawke Government Cabinet Papers Released

Cabinet Papers from the Hawke government’s second and third terms of 1986-87 have been released by the National Archives.

Hawke Cabinet

Former Senator Gareth Evans, a Cabinet minister of the time, described the Hawke government, then in its fourth and fifth years, as a “government pretty much at the top of its form”. [Read more…]

Gareth Evans Maintains The Rage

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Sir John Kerr was the worst of Australia’s Governors-General and his legacy was to delay the emergence of an Australian republic, former Labor minister Gareth Evans will tell a seminar today.

Professor Evans will say that Sir John, who dismissed Gough Whitlam from the prime ministership, had a “catastrophic” tenure.

It was not marked by dignity, competence or effectiveness. He showed “far less dispassionate non-partisanship than any politician incumbent of the office [of Governor General].”

Professor Evans, Chancellor of the Australian National University, will open the seminar on “Values and Visions of Australia’s Governors-General,” at ANU. [Read more…]

Gillard Releases National Security Strategy

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has released the government’s National Security Strategy.

The Security Strategy document appears at the end of this page.

In a speech at the Australian National University, Gillard said the strategy “highlights the dramatic economic and strategic shift towards the Asia-Pacific region and provides a blueprint for national security over the next decade”. [Read more…]

Laurie Oakes, Cheryl Kernot And The Unreported Story

For some years now, Australian media outlets have refused to report widespread rumours concerning the private life of Cheryl Kernot.

KernotThis claim is made by Laurie Oakes in an article in today’s edition of The Bulletin.

Oakes refers to the publication this week of Kernot’s book, Speaking For Myself Again, a title the veteran Canberra journalist says should be Making Excuses For Myself Again. [Read more…]

Whoops… Gareth Evans Booked for Drink Driving

Gareth EvansFormer Foreign Minister and Deputy Opposition Leader, Gareth Evans, was booked for exceeding Victoria’s drink driving laws last night.

Evans registered 0.074 when stopped in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. He was given an on-the-spot fine of $300 and had his licence automatically suspended for 6 months.

Evans is due to take up a new appointment as Chief Executive of the International Crisis Group early in the new year. Presumably, he will not need a driving licence in Brussels.

The Forgotten Poll: By-Election in Holt

Largely overlooked in today’s focus on the two referendums is the by-election in the Dandenong-based federal electorate of Holt.

The by-election has been caused by the resignation of Gareth Evans who recently failed in his bid to become Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO.

The Labor Party holds Holt with a margin of 15.11%. Gareth Evans secured a primary vote of 59.78% at the October 1998 election. He obtained 65.11% of the two-party-preferred vote.

The Liberal Party is not contesting the by-election.

A.L.P. Releases A Draft Preamble To The Constitution

The Federal Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley, today released the ALP’s draft of a preamble to the Constitution.

Gareth EvansThe preamble was written by the former Attorney-General and Foreign Affairs Minister, Gareth Evans.

Evans reportedly consulted with Aboriginal groups, the Australian Republican Movement, the Constitutional Centenary Foundation and Federal Finance Minister, John Fahey, before releasing the draft preamble.

The referendum on the preamble will be held in November this year, in conjunction with the referendum on the republic. [Read more…]