Queensland Parliament Passes Bill For Referendum To Introduce Fixed Four-Year Terms

The Queensland Legislative Assembly has passed a bill to enable a referendum to be held on the question of introducing fixed four-year parliamentary terms.

The referendum will be held in the new year. It will ask voters to approve a fixed four-year term for the Legislative Assembly. The new term would come into operation after the next election. Future elections would take place on the last Saturday in October.

Queensland has a unicameral (single chamber) Parliament consisting of just the Legislative Assembly. The Legislative Council was abolished in 1922. [Read more…]

Queensland Parliamentary Committee Recommends Fixed Four-Year Terms

A Queensland parliamentary committee has recommended that the parliament proceed with moves towards introducing fixed four-year terms for the Legislative Assembly.

The Finance and Administration Committee recommended amendments to a proposed bill that would provide for a referendum to be put to the electorate in 2016 that would introduce fixed four-year terms.

The proposal has bipartisan support from the ALP and the Liberal National Party (LNP). [Read more…]

Queensland Constitution 2001 – As Amended To August 2013

This is the latest version of the Queensland Constitution 2001.

It is current as of August 9, 2013. [Read more…]

Queensland Constitution Act Amendment Act 1934 – 1996

This is the Queensland Constitution Act Amendment Act 1934.

It is the current Queensland Constitution, as amended and correct as of June 7, 1996. [Read more…]