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Why is American political material appearing on an Australian politics site?

When I first began publishing AustralianPolitics.com, I was teaching a course on Australian politics that included a comparative study of American politics. From the outset, AustralianPolitics.com has contained material on American politics. I’ve considered separating the content and even transferred the US material to its own domain in 2002. I quickly moved it all back in 2003 when I realised that managing another separate website was too cumbersome.

Like AustralianPolitics.com in general, the material in this section is idiosyncratic. It does not pretend to be a definitive collection of information and should not be regarded as such. Much of the material simply reflects my own personal interests and subjects I happen to have been teaching at various times.

I am happy to leave this material here, especially for non-American students studying the US political system.

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  • Elections – brief details of Presidential, House, Senate and Gubernatorial elections; includes some historical material from the late 1990s and early 2000s


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