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Primary Votes

A primary vote is the “number one” vote cast by an elector in an Australian ballot. It is the best guide to the actual level of support for a political party or candidate, as distinct from the support measured by the two-party-preferred vote.

  • House of Representatives 1901-98 – complete set of statistics showing the primary votes received by parties in federal elections since 1901.
  • House of Representatives 1993-1998 – a table showing the primary votes polled by the various parties in the 1993, 1996 and 1998 House of Representatives elections.
  • Senate 1993-98 – a table showing the primary votes polled by the varies parties in the 1993, 1996 and 1998 Senate elections.

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Preferences & Two-Party-Preferred Votes

The two-party-preferred figure is obtained after all preferences of minor candidates have been distributed to the two remaining candidates, usually Labor and Coalition.

The two-party-preferred statistic is the only valid means of measuring the support of candidates and parties from election to election.

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Informal Voting

Informal voting in Australia is a sometimes controversial aspect of the electoral system. Rules differ between the House of Representatives and the Senate, sometimes causing confusion.

House of Representatives


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