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The Women’s Weekly Reports On Clive Palmer As A 12-Year-Old

This is an article from the Australian Women’s Weekly in 1967.

The report appeared on page 33 of the March 1, 1967 edition of the then-weekly publication. It detailed the Palmer family’s international travel, claiming that Clive had “recently crossed the Equator for the 33rd time since made his first trip overseas, at two weeks old”.

It says that when Clive Palmer was four years old he climbed out of a porthole on to a three-inch ledge around a ship because he wanted to “catch fishies”. The ship’s captain is said to have stopped the ship and swung out a lifeboat, before Palmer’s mother coaxed Clive back inside

The Palmers did not appear on the cover of the magazine. It featured a dog and Graham Kennedy.

Images of the article, the complete page 33 and the magazine’s cover appear below.

The images are taken from the National Library of Australia’s Trove collection.

CLICK the first image to see an enlarged version.

Women's Weekly

Women's Weekly

Women's Weekly

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