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Archives for March 1977

Don Chipp Resigns From The Liberal Party

Don Chipp, the member for Hotham, announced his resignation from the Liberal Party to the House of Representatives on March 24, 1977.

ChippChipp was the Liberal member for Higinbotham from 1960. The seat was renamed Hotham in 1969.

Chipp served as a minister in the Holt, Gorton and McMahon governments from 1967 until the Coalition was defeated in 1972. He became identified with the “small-l liberal” grouping in the party. As Minister for Customs and Excise, Chipp’s attitude to censorship cemented his reputation as a small-l liberal.

Despite being a shadow minister during 1972-75 and a minister in the Fraser caretaker government following the Whitlam Dismissal, Fraser dropped him after the 1975 election. [Read more…]