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Archives for March 1979

Callaghan Labour Government Loses No-Confidence Vote In UK

The British Labour government led by Prime Minister James Callaghan was defeated in a vote of confidence in the House of Commons on March 28, 1979.

Callaghan immediately announced he would call a general election.

Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party won the May 3 election with a majority of 44 seats in the 635-member House of Commons. Thatcher was Prime Minister until the end of November 1990.

  • Listen to the announcement of the vote in the Commons:
  • Prime Minister James Callaghan: “We shall take our case to the country”

Tony Abbott Attacks Marxist Influence On Curriculum And Teaching In Universities

Tony Abbott was 21 years old when he made this appearance on ABC television to discuss curriculum and teaching in Australian universities.

Abbott appeared on the ABC’s nightly current affairs program, Nationwide. At the time, he was the President of the Students’ Representative Council at the University of Sydney.

Abbott attacked Marxist influence in the universities and claimed there had been a decline in academic standards. [Read more…]