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The ‘Blood On Your Hands’ Interview: Bob Hawke And Richard Carleton

Last updated on February 17, 2024

This is the famous ‘blood on your hands’ interview with Bob Hawke and Richard Carleton on the night Hawke became leader of the ALP.

It was Hawke’s first major television interview after becoming leader, following Bill Hayden’s resignation earlier in the day.

The interview was on the ABC’s Nationwide program. Nationwide was the successor to This Day Tonight (TDT) and the forerunner to The 7.30 Report and 7.30.

Listen to the interview (3m):

Watch the interview (3m):

The complete edition of Nationwide which shows the Hawke-Carleton exchange in context – it includes appearances by Ian MacPhee, Don Chipp, Simon Crean and Gough Whitlam (41m):

Listen to the complete edition of Nationwide (41m):

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