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The Day After: 3AW Midday News Reports the Hawke Victory

This is a news bulletin reporting the election of the Hawke government in 1983.

The bulletin was broadcast on Melbourne commercial radio station 3AW at 12.00 noon on Sunday, March 6, 1983.

It was the day after Bob Hawke claimed victory in the March 5 election, bringing to an end the Fraser coalition government, which had been in office since November 11, 1975.

The ALP won a net increase of 24 seats to hold 75 seats to 50 in the House of Representatives. It won 53.23% of the national two-party-preferred vote, a swing of 3.6%, and 49.48% of the primary vote, an increase of 4.34% over its 1980 result.

Unfortunately, the recording cuts out at the 8-minute mark, but I assume it was a 10-minute bulletin. That, alone, is an interesting fact about a commercial radio news bulletin at that time, as is the level of detail in the bulletin.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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