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Bob Hawke And Andrew Peacock 1984 Election Night Speeches

Prime Minister Bob Hawke led the ALP to its second consecutive election victory on December 1, 1984.

It was only the second time a Labor prime minister had won two consecutive elections.

There was 1.5% two-party swing against the ALP and its majority fell from 25 in a 125-seat chamber to 16 in a 148-seat chamber.

The Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Peacock, was widely regarded as having out-campaigned Hawke. He had honed his messages on capital gains tax and other issues. There was some evidence that the seven-week campaign did not work in the government’s favour.

As the results became clear on election night, each man spoke to the media.

  • Listen to Peacock (7m)
  • Listen to Hawke (5m)
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Malcolm Farnsworth
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