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Archives for 1985

Derryn Hinch Interviews Prime Minister Bob Hawke

This is a radio interview by Derryn Hinch with Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

The interview took place on Melbourne radio station 3AW on September 20, 1985.

Hawke had been prime minister for two and a half years. He had been re-elected to a second term nine months earlier in December 1984. A couple of weeks before this interview, John Howard replaced Andrew Peacock as leader of the Liberal Party.

Hinch broadcast the morning show on 3AW, a position he had held for at least five years.

  • Listen to the interview (14m)

John Howard Takes Liberal Leadership As Andrew Peacock Miscalculates

John Howard became leader of the Liberal Party for the first time at a bizarre meeting of the parliamentary party called to remove him as deputy leader.

The party meeting was called by leader Andrew Peacock in an attempt to remove Howard from the deputy leadership. Peacock had demanded an assurance from Howard that he would not challenge for the leadership but Howard refused to give one.

A contest between Howard and John Moore saw Howard re-elected deputy leader by 38 votes to 31. Peacock then resigned and Howard was elected leader, defeating Jim Carlton by 57 votes to 6. Neil Brown became deputy leader. [Read more…]

Peacock Moves Against Howard; Murphy Sentenced

On September 3, 1985, Federal Opposition Leader Andrew Peacock called a special Liberal Party meeting to vote on the deputy leadership.

It was a fateful move. In his attempt to remove his deputy, John Howard, Peacock miscalculated badly. Howard was re-elected, Peacock resigned the leadership and Howard was then elected leader.

The first two video clips show how Channel 9 and the ABC reported the news. [Read more…]

John Howard Hosts Midday Show

The Midday Show was one of Channel 9’s biggest success stories in the 1980s.

Originally known as The Mike Walsh Show, the program was rebadged in 1985 and hosted by Ray Martin for the next eight years.

On August 30, 1985, Deputy Liberal leader John Howard guest hosted the show, in place of Ray Martin.

Amongst others, he interviewed Richard Carleton and Laurie Oakes. The video below includes those interviews.

Four days after this program, Opposition Leader Andrew Peacock called a Liberal Party meeting to remove Howard from his position. Howard was re-elected, Peacock resigned and Howard became leader of the Liberal Party for the first time.

  • Watch Howard host Midday (22m)


Swinging Voters And The 1984 Federal Election

This is an article written by Jean Holmes, from the University of Melbourne.

The article was first published by the Victorian Association of Social Studies Teachers and republished by the Correspondence School

Holmes discusses the profile of swinging voters and their motivations during the 1984 Federal Election. [Read more…]

1984 Post-Election Analysis: McMullan, Henderson And Butman

The document shown here provides an analysis of the 1984 Federal Election from the perspectives of operatives from the ALP, Liberal and Democrats

The booklet was originally produced by the Victorian Association of Social Studies Teachers (VASST) and reproduced by the Correspondence School.

The ALP perspective is provided by Bob McMullan, the National Secretary of the ALP. Later, McMcullan became a federal Labor senator (1988-96) and MP (1998-2010). He served as a minister in the Keating government (1993-96).

The Liberal perspective is provided by Dr. Gerard Henderson, senior advisor to the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, John Howard. [Read more…]

Governor-General Sir Ninian Stephen Opens The 34th Parliament

This is the text of the Governor-General Sir Ninian Stephen’s speech opening the 34th Parliament.

The 34th Parliament met for the first time on Thursday, February 21, 1985, following the election of December 1, 1984, at which the Hawke Labor government won a second term in office.

Speech by Governor-General Sir Ninian Stephen opening the 34th Parliament.

Honourable Members of the Parliament of Australia:

The 34th Parliament assembles following general elections on 1 December 1984 in which the people of Australia confirmed their choice of national direction by returning the Government with a substantial majority.

The Government is pledged to carry out the clear mandate of the Australian people to build upon the achievements of its first term in creating a stronger, fairer and more equitable Australian society. [Read more…]