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3LO 6.00pm ABC Radio News – Nov 28, 1986

It’s always a delight to come across complete news bulletins from decades past.

Even though I have a massive collection of audio and video items from the period, I wish I’d more systematically recorded news bulletins. They provide a snapshot into a period of time.

This news broadcast was at 6pm on radio 3LO (now 774, ABC Melbourne) on Friday, November 28, 1986.

It contains stories on:

  • a controversy over Treasurer Paul Keating’s late submission of his tax returns;
  • a report of Pope John Paul I addressing a Melbourne crowd of 200,000 people on science not becoming a “false idol”;
  • a report of a defection from East Germany by surfing across the Baltic Sea to Denmark;
  • Industry Minister Senator John Button on protection levels in the textiles industry;
  • Defence Minister Kim Beazley abandons the building of a defence training facility in Cobar, NSW; and
  • England was off to a flying start in the second Test against Australia.

The broadcast leads into that night’s edition of PM. I have left in the opening bars of the PM theme.

Listen to the broadcast (6m):

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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