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Archives for June 1987

1987 Federal Election: John Howard’s Liberal Party Policy Speech

Liberal Opposition Leader John Howard delivered his policy speech for the 1987 Federal Election on June 25.

Howard had seized the Liberal Party leadership from Andrew Peacock in 1985. Following his defeat in the 1987 election, Howard was replaced by Andrew Peacock in 1989. Howard did not regain the leadership until 1995. He went on to win the 1996 election and served as Prime Minister for nearly 12 years until his defeat in 2007.

  • Watch ABC TV News coverage of Howard’s Policy Speech:

Transcript of Federal Opposition Leader John Howard’s 1987 Federal Election policy speech.

We all agree on at least one thing in this election campaign—our country is in a big economic mess and we would like to see it put right. The burning question is how we do it?

I believe the one and only way that Australia can get on top of its economic problems is to become more productive. That means giving everyone–you, me, your friends, your family, everybody else–more incentive, more encouragement and more reason to work harder. [Read more…]

1987 Federal Election: Bob Hawke’s ALP Policy Speech

Prime Minister Bob Hawke delivered his policy speech for the 1987 Federal Election on June 23.

The speech was given at the Sydney Opera House. It contains the famous line: “By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty.”

A Policy Statement from the Hawke government is also shown below.

Text of Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s 1987 Federal Election policy speech.

Fellow Australians,

Never in peace-time has Australia’s future depended so much on a single decision – your decision on the 11th of July.

Never have you, the Australian people, been called upon to – make a more fundamental decision for yourselves, your families – your children – about the way you want your country to go – about what kind of a country you want Australia to be. [Read more…]

1987 Federal Election: National Party Policy Speech

Ian Sinclair, the leader of the National Party, delivered his policy speech for the 1987 Federal election on June 22.

This was Sinclair’s last policy speech as leader. He was overthrown as leader in 1989.

The television broadcast featured Sinclair’s wife, Rosemary, and the entertainer Carol Raye.

  • Watch Ian Sinclair’s policy speech (10m)