1989 Tasmanian State Election – ALP Advertisements

The 1989 Tasmanian State Election was held on May 13.

Premier Robin Gray’s Liberal Party went into the election holding 19 seats in the 35-seat House of Assembly. The ALP held 14 seats and the Greens 2. Gray had been Premier since May 1982.

Following the election, the Liberals held 17 seats, the ALP 13 and the Greens 5.

The ALP reached an agreement with the Greens, known as the Labor-Green Accord. Gray refused to resign and sought another election from the Governor but this was refused.

Gray was ultimately defeated on a confidence vote in the House and Field became Premier of a minority government with Greens support on June 29.

These three videos contain ALP television and radio advertisements for the election, including the freetime spots made available on the ABC.


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