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Bob Hawke Repels Leadership Challenge From Paul Keating

Prime Minister Bob Hawke defeated his former Treasurer, Paul Keating, in an ALP caucus ballot on June 3, 1991.

The caucus voted 66-44 to re-elect Hawke. After eight years as Treasurer, Keating went to the backbench.

Hawke served as Treasurer for one day, from June 3 to June 4. He was unable to appoint an acting treasurer because Keating had resigned and there was no-one to act for. John Kerin was appointed Treasurer on June 4.

The following are ABC radio broadcasts from June 3, 1991:

10.45am – ABC radio rolling coverage (48m):

11.00am – ABC News (5m):

12.00pm – ABC News (10m):

12.10pm – The World Today (44m):

Bob Hawke’s press conference following his victory over Keating (17m):

Canberra Times – June 4, 1991 (CLICK TO VIEW FULL SCREEN):

Canberra Times


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