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Archives for 1992

In Final Question Time Before 1993 Election, Keating Lashes Hewson On Fightback!

This is a video extract from the final Question Time in the House of Representatives for 1992.

Prime Minister Paul Keating took questions on the Opposition’s Fightback! policy, particularly the proposed 15% Goods and Services Tax.

Opposition Leader John Hewson had revised his original version of Fightback! and removed food from the GST.

The video is taken from the ABC’s Order in the House program broadcast on December 20, 1992. The program was presented by Maxine McKew who would go on to defeat John Howard in Bennelong in 2007.

The Parliament did not meet again before the 1993 federal election took place on March 13. Keating’s ALP was re-elected with an increased majority. Hewson stayed in the Liberal leadership for another year before losing a challenge from Alexander Downer.

Paul Keating’s Redfern Speech

Paul Keating’s seminal speech on indigenous issues was given by the then Prime Minister at Redfern Park in Sydney.

Redfern is an inner city suburb of Sydney with a large Aboriginal population.

This page contains the text, audio and YouTube video of the speech.

  • Listen to Keating’s speech (17m)
  • Watch Keating’s speech – Part 1 (8m)
  • Part 2 (8m)

Australian Launch of the International Year for the World’s Indigenous People

Paul John KeatingLadies and gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be here today at the launch of Australia’s celebration of the 1993 International Year of the World’s Indigenous People.

It will be a year of great significance for Australia.

It comes at a time when we have committed ourselves to succeeding in the test which so far we have always failed. [Read more…]

Presidential Election Results 1984-1992

This table shows the votes and Electoral College statistics for each US presidential election between 1984 and 1992.

Ronald Reagan won the elections of 1980 and 1984. George H.W. Bush won the 1988 election. Bill Clinton won the 1992 election. [Read more…]

Kennett Leads Coalition To Victory In Victorian Election

Jeff Kennett led the Victorian coalition parties to a landslide election victory on October 3, 1992.

Kennett defeated the ALP, led by Joan Kirner, and returned the Liberal Party to government for the first time since 1982.

This is how the ABC radio news reported the election the following morning. [Read more…]

Republican Party Platform – 1992

This is the Republican Party’s official Platform for the 1992 elections.

Bill Clinton, a Democrat, defeated President George H.W. Bush in the presidential election. [Read more…]

Michael Duffy Gives Peter Costello A Lesson In Question Time

This exchange between the Keating government’s Attorney-General, Michael Duffy, and the new Liberal member for Higgins, Peter Costello, is regarded as one of the standout moments in the House of Representatives in 1992.

The incident is a rare example of a demolition job done with style and wit.

Hansard transcript of Peter Costello’s question to Attorney-General Michael Duffy – September 10, 1992.

Mr COSTELLO —My question is directed to the Attorney-General. Was the Director of Public Prosecutions correct when earlier this week he voiced his concern that the Australian Securities Commission will not devote sufficient resources to identification, investigation and prosecution of corporate crime? Is it true that major corporate crime investigations have been halted because of disagreements between the ASC and the DPP? Why has the Attorney-General failed to do anything in the last 12 months to resolve this argument and to ensure that a proper stand is taken on law enforcement against major corporate crime? [Read more…]

Kyoto Protocol – Full Text

This is the full text of the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change.

The Convention is also known as the Kyoto Protocol. It was signed in New York on May 9, 1992. [Read more…]

John Major’s Cabinet – April 1992

This is the full list of members of John Major’s government, as of April 1992.

Major became Prime Minister on November 28, 1990, following the departure of Margaret Thatcher. He secured re-election on April 9, 1992. [Read more…]

House Of Commons Members – 1992

This is a list of members of the House of Commons, elected at the April 9, 1992 General Election. [Read more…]

Joan Kirner Opens The Melbourne Comedy Festival

Victorian Labor Premier Joan Kirner opened the 1992 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

This is audio of the opening. Kirner is accompanied by Wendy Harmer and Bea Arthur. [Read more…]