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Liberal Party Video: Fightback!

The Liberal Leader of the Opposition, Dr. John Hewson, released his Fightback! policy in November 1991.

The centrepiece of the plan was a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Prime Minister Bob Hawke responded clumsily to Fightback! and this contributed to his toppling by Paul Keating in December 1991.

Negative reaction to Fightback! led to Hewson removing food from the GST and relaunching Fightback! in December 1992.

This video was released in January 1993. It features Hewson, John Howard, Bronwyn Bishop, Peter Reith and Fred Chaney.


Hewson led the Liberal-National Coalition to defeat in the March 1993 election. Keating increased the ALP’s majority in the House of Representatives. Hewson was deposed as leader by Alexander Downer in May 1994.

Listen to the video’s soundtrack (13m)

Watch the video:

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