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1993 Federal Election: Final Day Video

The 1993 Federal election ended with uncertainty about the outcome.

Most commentators were pessimistic about Labor’s chances in the election. They foresaw an end to Paul Keating’s prime ministership and an unlosable election for John Hewson.

This video is an episode of the ABC’s Lateline on Thursday, March 11, 1993. Compered by Kerry O’Brien, it reviews the campaign and features a discussion between Sydney Morning Herald columnist Alan Ramsey, ANOP pollster Rod Cameron and social researcher Hugh Mackay.

The following videos are all from Friday, March 12, 1993. They show the emerging doubt as opinion polls began to show a comeback for the ALP.

The election eventually resulted in an ALP victory. Its primary vote increased 5.49% to 44.92%. Its two-party-preferred vote increased 1.54% to 51.44%. Keating improved his majority in the House of Representatives with a net gain of 2 seats, defeating the Coalition by 80 seats to 67, with 2 independents.

  • Channel 10 Melbourne News – 5pm:
  • Channel 9 Melbourne News – 6pm:
  • Alan Sunderland – SBS Dateline:
  • An embarrassing attempt at satire – not sure what channel this was on:
  • Clarke & Dawe on Channel 9’s A Current Affair:
  • The 7.30 Report: Paul Lyneham sums up and assorted commentators opine:


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