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Andrew Peacock (Liberal-Kooyong) How-To-Vote Card

This is the how-to-vote card issued by Andrew Peacock in Kooyong for the 1993 federal election.

Peacock had represented Kooyong since 1966, when he succeeded the Liberal Party’s founder, Sir Robert Menzies. He was Defence and Army minister during the Gorton government (1969-71) and External Territories minister during the McMahon government (1972). He was Foreign Minister in the Fraser government (1975-80) and Industrial Relations minister (1980-81). He unsuccessfully challenged Malcolm Fraser for the leadership in 1981, before returning to the cabinet as Industry and Commerce minister in 1982.

During the Hawke years, Peacock was twice Liberal Party leader, losing the elections of 1984 and 1990. After the 1993 election, he retired in 1994. The Howard government appointed him Ambassador to the United States (1997-99).

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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