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Archives for May 1995

Former President George Bush Resigns From The NRA

Former President George HW Bush has resigned his life membership of the National Rifle Association.

In a stinging letter to the NRA, Bush objects to the recent attacks on federal agents by Wayne LaPierre.

Former President George H. W. Bush’s resignation letter to the National Rifle Association.

Dear Mr. Washington,

I was outraged when, even in the wake of the Oklahoma City tragedy, Mr. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of N.R.A., defended his attack on federal agents as “jack-booted thugs.” To attack Secret Service agents or A.T.F. people or any government law enforcement people as “wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms” wanting to “attack law abiding citizens” is a vicious slander on good people. [Read more…]

Post-War By-Election Swings to Labour Greater Than 10%

The table belows shows swings to the UK Labour Party greater than 10% since 1945.

Date Constituency Swing %
15/12/94 Dudley West -29.12
9/6/94 Dagenham -23.06
9/6/94 Barking -21.96
22/3/90 Mid Staffordshire -21.33
9/6/94 Eastleigh -16.68
17/6/71 Hayes and Harlington -16.54
9/6/94 Newham North East -16.30
8/11/90 Bradford North -15.78
4/7/85 Brecon and Radnor -14.93
9/6/94 Bradford South -14.12
12/2/58 Rochdale -13.96
15/8/63 Stratford -13.74
4/5/61 Bristol South East -13.23
13/3/80 Southend East -12.87
6/6/62 Middlesbrough West -12.70
16/5/91 Monmouth -12.59
6/5/93 Newbury -12.53
11/6/64 Liverpool Scotland -12.50
4/5/89 Vale of Glamorgan -12.35
7/3/57 Warwick and Leamington -12.22
13/3/62 Blackpool North -12.21
23/9/71 Widnes -11.46
14/3/62 Middlesbrough East -11.37
29/7/93 Christchurch -11.37
8/11/90 Bootle -11.18
13/4/72 Merthyr Tydfil -11.15
4/5/72 Southwark -11.05
15/12/88 Epping Forest -10.93
10/4/86 Fulham -10.80
17/4/62 Derby North -10.68
12/9/57 Gloucester -10.48
15/11/45 Bournemouth -10.29
4/7/63 West Bromwich -10.15
27/5/71 Bromsgrove -10.08