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Archives for October 1995

Fair Australia: John Howard Headland Speech

“Fair Australia” is one of a series of Headland Speeches given by the Leader of the Opposition, John Howard, during 1995.

The Address was given to the Australian Council of Social Service.



Thank you for the chance to address the 1995 ACOSS Congress, where your theme, “Social Justice: Fact, Fiction and the Future”, gives me an opportunity to outline the Coalition’s view of a Fair Australia, explode some myths and deal with some important specific policy issues.

ACOSS plays a very important community role in raising public policy issues relevant to the needs and aspirations of the disadvantaged in our community.

The people in this room are an important part of the glue which holds our society together. We won’t always agree on every detail of social policy, but we will always have this in common: a desire to provide greater security and fairness for those in need. [Read more…]