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Archives for February 1996

Keep The Bastards Honest: Australian Democrats Leaflet (1996)

This is a leaflet distributed by the Australian Democrats in the electorate of Higgins in the 1996 federal election.

The leaflet shows the party’s signature slogan: “Keep the Bastards Honest.”

The party’s leader, Senator Cheryl Kernot would go on to defect to the ALP about eighteen months after this election. She subsequently became the Labor member for Dickson in the House of Representatives (1998-2001). [Read more…]

John Howard: Comfortable And Relaxed, And Enjoying Bob Dylan’s Music

John Howard says his wish is for Australians to be “comfortable and relaxed”.

Appearing on the ABC’s Four Corners program, Howard talked about his vision for Australia.

Questioned about his musical tastes, Howard said he enjoyed Bob Dylan’s music. [Read more…]

John Howard’s 1996 Federal Election Policy Speech

Opposition Leader John Howard delivered his policy speech for the 1996 Federal Election in Sydney on February 18, 1996.

  • Listen to Liberal Party President Tony Staley (8m)
  • Listen to Shadow Treasurer Peter Costello introduce Howard (4m)
  • Listen to Opposition Leader John Howard’s policy speech (41m)

Text of John Howard’s 1996 Federal Election policy speech.

It is with an immense amount of personal pride and also an enormous amount of humility that I bring together today the essential argument as to why, after 13 long and difficult years, this nation of ours needs emphatically a change of government. [Read more…]

ALP Election Ad: Jackie Weaver On John Howard And Acting

In this ALP election advertisement, actress Jackie Weaver compares her acting to John Howard’s.

  • Listen to Jackie Weaver’s ALP election advertisement

Paul Keating’s 1996 ALP Campaign Launch Speech

This is the text of Prime Minister Paul Keating’s speech at the ALP campaign launch in Melbourne.

Text of Paul Keating’s 1996 election campaign launch.

Paul KeatingThree years ago I asked the people of Australia to entrust to Labor the most important responsibility a government can have – I asked Australians for a mandate to create jobs, and help the unemployed.

To create jobs, I asked Australians to give Labor the task of creating sustainable economic growth on which jobs depend.

To create jobs, I sought a mandate to make Australia stronger; to find our place in Asia and the Pacific; to encourage the industries of the future; to massively expand education and training: to increase our national savings.

I sought a mandate to protect our environment. [Read more…]

1996 Federal Election: Keating-Howard Television Debate

Prime Minister Paul Keating and Opposition Leader John Howard met in a televised debate on February 11, 1996.

This is the Channel 9 video of the debate. It is hosted by Ray Martin. [Read more…]

1996 Federal Election Timetable

1996 Federal Election Timetable
Event Date
Announcement of election
27 January 1996
Issue of writs
29 January 1996
Close of rolls
5 February 1996
Close of nominations
9 February 1996
Polling Day
2 March 1996

Return of Writs:

House of Representatives: 1 April 1996

New South Wales: 10 April 1996
Victoria: 11 April 1996
Queensland: 4 April 1996
Western Australia: 4 April 1996
South Australia: 10 April 1996
Tasmania: 28 March 1996
Australian Capital Territory: 28 March 1996
Northern Territory: 25 March 1996

Source: Australian Electoral Commission, Electoral Pocket Book 1996

1996 Federal Election Pendulum

This pendulum shows the swings required following the 1993 election, adjusted for the redistribution that came into effect at the 1996 election. The swing required for the incumbent party to lose is based on new boundaries for the 1996 election as taken from ‘The Mackerras 1996 Federal Election Guide” (AGPS).

ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA | TAS | VIC | WA [Read more…]