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Archives for March 1996

1996 Victorian State Election – Final Results

The Victorian State Election was held on March 30, 1996. This page shows the final results

The Liberal-National coalition government led by Jeff Kennett was elected at the 1992 election with a large majority, replacing the Labor government that had first been elected in 1982.

At the 1996 election, the ALP was led by John Brumby, the former Federal member for Bendigo (1983-90).

The Kennett government was returned with only a slightly-reduced majority. [Read more…]

Gary Gray: The 1996 Federal Election

This is the text of the speech given by the ALP National Secretary, Gary Gray, to the National Press Club on the outcome of the 1996 Federal Election.

Address by ALP National Secretary Gary Gray to the National Press Club.

The ALP did not lose Government on 2 March.

We lost it by mid 1995.

That is one of the central messages which I gave to my colleagues on the National Executive this week.

We need to accept that as we go through the process of coming to terms with our disappointment, and making sure that we thoroughly understand – and act on – what the Australian electorate was really saying.

It is critical that we understand, right from now, that the Hawke – Keating continuum of Government – all 13 years of it – was not repudiated by Australia’s voters on March 2. [Read more…]

Enough: Liberal Party Election Leaflet

This is a Liberal Party leaflet distributed during the 1996 federal election.


Kim Beazley’s ALP Shadow Ministry 1996

Following the defeat of the Keating government in March 1996, Kim Beazley was elected leader of the ALP on March 19, 1996.

  1. The Hon. Kim Christian Beazley MP
    Leader of the Opposition
  2. The Hon. Gareth John Evans QC, MP
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Treasurer
  3. Senator the Hon. John Philip Faulkner
    Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Social Security
  4. Senator the Hon. Nicholas John Sherry
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
    Shadow Minister for Finance and Superannuation
  5. [Read more…]

Howard Government 1996 Cabinet Committees

Following the swearing-in of John Howard Liberal-National coalition government, the Prime Minister has announced the composition of Cabinet Committees. [Read more…]

Andrew Robb: The 1996 Federal Election

This is the text of the National Press Club address by the Federal Director of the Liberal Party, Andrew Robb, on the outcome of the 1996 Federal Election.

The official text is shown at the end of this page as a PDF.

Speech by Andrew Robb to the National Press Club.

The last time I had the pleasure of addressing the National Press Club it was April Fool’s Day 1993, two and a half weeks after the last election.

This sure beats that experience.

Eleven days ago, on the afternoon of election day, I flew home from our Melbourne based Campaign Headquarters and went to vote for Gary Nairn, who was up against Labor’s Jim Snow, in the marginal New South Wales seat of Eden-Monaro. I fronted to the polling booth in our local country hall at Wamboin and was met by two fellows, barely in their twenties, enthusiastically handing out Liberal haw-to-vote cards.

I thought it a good omen, and it was.

For despite movement to the Coalition across nearly all demographic groups the remarkable feature of the 2 March election result was the direct shift to the Coalition of a significant segment of Labor’s traditional male base, including blue collar workers. [Read more…]

The First Howard Ministry 1996

This is the full list of the First Howard Ministry.

The Howard Government was elected on March 2, 1996. Howard had been returned to the leadership of the Liberal Party in January 1995 after having served as leader between 1985-89. He became the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, defeating Paul Keating’s Labor Party which had governed federally since 1983. [Read more…]

John Howard Claims Victory In 1996 Federal Election

This is John Howard’s election night speech, following the Coalition’s overwhelming victory in the general election.

The Liberal-National coalition victory brought to an end 13 years of Labor government under prime ministers Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

  • Listen to Howard’s speech (14m)
  • Watch the speech:

Text of John Howard’s victory speech at the Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, on March 2, 1996.

Can I say to you, and my first words are addressed to all of the people of Australia, that I am very conscious of the enormous responsibility that has been placed upon me and upon my colleagues by the verdict of the Australian people today. [Read more…]

Paul Keating’s 1996 Election Concession Speech

This is the concession speech delivered by Prime Minister Paul Keating following his defeat by John Howard and the Liberal-National Coalition.

Keating’s defeat brought to an end 13 years of Labor government that began under Bob Hawke in 1983.

  • Watch Keating’s speech:
  • Listen to Keating’s speech (15m)

Transcript of Paul Keating’s 1996 election concession speech.

Let me, let me begin by saying that, I want, I wanted to deliver for all those who supported us, but obviously it wasn’t to be.

OK….(applause)…thank you…(more applause)…I’ve always passionately believed that all power, all power came from the public every last morsel of it, and its the nation’s perfect right to decide who they want to govern.

I take this opportunity to congratulate John Howard, I wish him and his government well, we, we ran a hard campaign, I’ve met as many people in the country as I was able to meet, I wanted to be real, I wanted to go out there, but I think there was always an underlying view that the government had been in office a long time. [Read more…]

Clyde Holding (ALP-Melbourne Ports) How-To-Vote Card 1996

This is the how-to-vote card issued by Clyde Holding, ALP member for Melbourne Ports, at the 1996 federal election.

Holding represented Melbourne Ports from 1997 until his retirement at the 1998 election, when he was succeeded by Michael Danby. He was the member for Richmond in the Victorian Parliament (1962-77) and leader of the ALP (1967-77), leading the party to election defeats in 1970, 1973 and 1976.

Holding was a minister in the Hawke government (1983-90), variously holding the portfolios of Aboriginal Affairs, Employment Services and Youth Affairs, Transport and Communications Support, Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs, and Arts and Territories. [Read more…]