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Independent Members – House – 1996

The table shows the five independent members of the House of Representatives following the 1996 federal election.

The election was held on March 2, 1996.

Independent Members of the House of Representatives 1996
5 members
No. Name Division, State First
Andren, Peter James Calare, NSW 1996
Campbell, Graeme Kalgoorlie, WA 1980
(ALP to 30-11-95)
Filing, Paul Anthony Moore, WA 1990 (LP to 1995)
Hanson, Pauline Lee Oxley, Qld 1996
(disendorsed by LP, 1996)
Rocher, Allan Charles Curtin, WA 1981
(LP to 1995, Senator 1978-81)

Note: Of these 5 members, only Peter Andren can be classed as genuinely independent. The other 4 were all previously members of political parties:

  • Graeme Campbell, elected 6 times since 1980 as the ALP member for Kalgoorlie. Following criticisms of Prime Minister Paul Keating on a range of issues, Campbell was expelled from the ALP.
  • Paul Filing, elected twice as the Liberal member for Moore, lost his pre-selection in 1995 and resigned from the party.
  • Allan Rocher, elected 6 times since 1981 as the Liberal member for Curtin, lost his pre-selection in 1995 and resigned from the party.
  • Pauline Hanson was pre-selected as the Liberal candidate for Oxley. She was dis-endorsed during the election campaign, following statements she made about Aborigines. She remained on the ballot paper as the Liberal candidate.
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